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    Originally posted by Broncoboy6 View Post
    I'm waiting for somone to make a "Who wants to join the Wolfe Pack thread".

    And if anybody starts one, can i have #6 (pretty please).
    That's actually what I decided to call our D-Line once we drafted Wolfe.

    I'll just sit here and wait and see who's going to start the 1st Mock Draft for 2013.


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      Man I would be happy just to watch their offseason workouts every day right now...
      In a Mile High state of mind...


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        Originally posted by Awesomo 2000 View Post
        Shall we have a speculate-off to prove my superiority?!

        I predict that it will rain at least twice between now and our first pre season game.

        Beat that.
        Back on January 1, I followed the lead of a local weatherman and predicted that we would receive between 0 and 10 inches of snow everyday in 2012. So far I have benn correct 100%. (I live in South Dakota and our local weatherman, when predicting snowfall, always predicts between 0 and 10 inches, no joke. That is how skilled he is.)


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          I'm updating madden rosters with the new guys. It's a good temp fix lol. But weathers nice out plus basketball playoffs are fun watch to.
          sigpicGo Broncos! Heres to many more CHAMPionships!!!


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            Since I didn't waste any of my brainpower on trying to figure out what EFX was going to do with the draft, I'm going to work on solving the National Debt crisis and then I'll try to work on figuring out why the Kardashians are famous. That should keep me busy for a while.