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Do you think Knowsean Moreno has it ?

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    Originally posted by japfaff View Post
    i was the first on the anti-moreno bandwagon. I used to catch so much hell cause all you guys though that he was a stud back. So how does that crow taste? Ok now this season..... I think that in this O, Moreno could really shine. I think that his skills workin this O better than any of the other backs that we have. I think that McGhee just doesnt have enough in the tank and is a below avg guy in the passing game. Hillman is to little and questionable in the passing game.. The rest are just filler types. Moreno can run the dive and run it well (best on the team), he can pick up the blitz (one of the best on the team), and he can catch and run routes out of the backfield (best on the team at both)....His problem is that Elway hates him, He has been overpaid up to this point of his career, and he just cant stay healthy, not to mention his off the field problems. If he stayed healthy (doubtful), and was given a fair shot I think that he could really do some nice things. However I just think that the FO has soured on him and he will be cut late in camp
    There is no need to taste Crow for supporting the players on the Denver Broncos or the coaches, or the FO.

    Knowshawn has shown to be one of the most effective in all purpose yards. He led the rookie RBs in 2009 even though he got hurt. The only real flaw with Knowshawn Moreno is that Josh McDaniels used such a high pick on a position where we had a marginal need. KM is good, but he is not as explosive as we have seen others, but he is a very good player for the team, but a top DT would have made a lot more of an impact.

    KM will be one player that is interesting to watch this year as Peyton can use him in the same manner Tebow did - the difference that PM will actually hit KM most of the time.


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      In answer to the OPs question...NOPE. If he had "IT" we would know by now. He's going in to his 4th season and has never lived up to the 12th overall pick. I wish him the best, wherever he ends up.


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        No, Moreno doesn't have it.

        He could still be a good player, but I think the ship has sailed on any hope that he would become a great player.
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          I have a sneaky suspicion that Moreno will be a value add RB for us this season, with the support of Manning......who can make most folks look pretty good. If that translates to serving as one of the 3 backs to carry/catch the ball, even though not the guy carrying the "load", all is well.

          I did a little comparison near the end of the 2010 season, and Moreno was up there with the best "2 year backs" in the league in most stats. He looked good last year until the injury. I'm expecting a rebound......and wouldn't that be great with a healthy McGahee, Hillman and Moreno!!!


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            Originally posted by Hatmaker19 View Post
            i think moreno does, the games that he has played in he has showed why we drafted him. yeah i know he keeps getting hurt, but if he can stay healthy,mark my word he will be good this year.
            "has it" also would mean he is consisant and no matter what else you may think about his POTENTIAL Moreno has NEVER been consistantly a good RB.

            I could hammer about how he does not have the same skills as other starting RBs in the NFL all day but there are two kinds of people in this world...those who get it and those who do not get it.

            Anyone who still thinks Moreno has the ability to be a starting RB in the NFL will probably still be saying that when he is out of the NFL.

            Have not broken down Moreno in over a year but I am pretty sure nothing has changed....last time I broke him down most of his production came on very few plays while most of his plays he sucked badly.

            The one time he did look good was getting the ball in open space like screens. I think he could MAYBE be good third down back (something I said when he came into this league during the 2009 season when his physical and mental tools started to become obvious) but that role will be filled on this roster and frankly I do not think he blocks good enough to be a good thrid down back RIGHT NOW.
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              Moreno wasn't drafted to replace Hillis. Give the Hillis stuff a rest already, he is long gone and hasn't produced since being extremely overworked by Cleveland a few years ago. He is a talented player for sure, but some people here see him as a legend.
              Do you think you'll feel differently when Hillis goes off on us twice a year? Hillis has the ability to be an absolute beast and I for one am very nervous about the Charles/Hillis tandem that we now have to face.


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                Originally posted by jaytea11 View Post
                Do you think you'll feel differently when Hillis goes off on us twice a year? Hillis has the ability to be an absolute beast and I for one am very nervous about the Charles/Hillis tandem that we now have to face.
                He'll eventually just fumble and give us the ball.

                I think I actually like Hillis now.

                Hooray, beer!


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                  I'd be equally non-shocked the same if Moreno doesn't make the team, or if he has a huge breakout year.

                  My guess is that he'll end up somewhere in between, and be let go at the end of the year. If he can stay healthy this offese will be a great fit for his skill set. He's got to make the team first though.

                  I hope he finally turns the corner, becomes a weapon, and has a break out year. That would be awesome for Denver.


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                    Truthfully I'd take Olandis Gary over Knowshon Moreno.

                    But I guess I'll have to live with his ugly running style + nagging injuries for one more year...