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    Originally posted by Den615 View Post
    Any videos of the award yet?


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      Thanks! I couldn't be happier with having Peyton, but with that play Tebow really cemented himself as a part of Bronco history. Glad we had him in Denver and I wish him the best.


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        "old teammates"


        Good speech by Tim though. I didn't feel like it was that awkward.


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          I'll never forget Tom Tebow.
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            Tebows speech wasn't awkward, but the whole situation with DT was lol


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              Tim's speech made me think this year's AFCCG is gonna be very interesting.............


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                A lot of people say the Espys are dumb and pointless, and that is probably true, but its still fun to watch and entertaining reguardless. And I really wanted Tebow and DT to win this award badly. I would have been sad if they didn't win it.

                Such a great sports moment and like Frenchy said, it sure was great to be there and be part of that great moment in Broncos history, and a play that so many people all across the world witnessed.

                But yea, I was wondering how it would look if that play did win it, and how it would look seeing Tebow/ Demaryius up there again. But that does probably officially end the Tebow era here. Capped off with a nice award. Wanted to see Demaryius talk as well, but was wierd seeing Tebow do all the talking. Kinda funny seeing him talk about it, and now hes not even on our team anymore.

                But Tebow, as always, handled himself with class. I'll never say anything bad about Tebow. The guy was a class act and a great part of Broncos history, whether you want to admit it or not. That 2011 season was a memorible one, and I'll always appreciate everything he did for us.

                I did love his last quote though where he said " Take good care of em Peyton"

                On to the Peyton Manning Era now.
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                  Time for Tebow to buy some new suits. Jeez!

                  There were some great moments with Tim, and he and DT deserved that award. If he would've beat KC at home, I firmly believe he'd still be here.

                  Dear Tim Tebow,
                  You make it exceedingly difficult to dislike and talk trash about you when you insist on being such a class act. Please cease this behavior immediately so I can proceed with the "thank God he's gone" talk.
                  -- A Denver Broncos Fan

                  Hooray, beer!


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                    Peyton is great and we BETTER go farther then last year... But it makes me still sick to my stomach Tebow isnt on this team after all the excitement he brought. Hard not to get sad when you see highlights from last year and his passion he brought.