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Video! Peyton Manning’s Hilarious New Ad

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    I didn't even laugh, and my sense of humor is off-the-charts.


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      Originally posted by dacoats View Post
      let me just start by saying that I am a Coats fan, and yes there was a time that we loved Peyton. He was the heart and soul of our team. Then he started doing this, focusing on individual goals and making money.

      This commercial isn't very funny and is a very predictable direction for him.

      I wish you well with Manning, but this is what you will get with him. I hope you guys are ok with this as a team leader, but it will take away from the team and tear it apart like it did with our team.

      Gladly we have moved on, and now he plays for you. Good luck and hopefully the rest of the team can overcome this huge money grabbing personality that can be overwhelming.
      Since I live in KY just about everyone I know is a Colts fan (some change and went to the Broncos but not most of them). Manning was the heart and sole of every Colts fans (like Elway is to us), but to turn around and bash him by calling him a "Money grabbing personality" ... That isn't cool, Manning won a Superbowl for the Colts, so show Manning some respect. Manning Never wanted to leave the Colt and would have been there the rest of his career if he was able too.

      I don't know if bashing Manning is making you feel better for losing Manning or if you never cared that much for him to begin with but if it wasn't for Manning the Colts would still be a joke of a team to watch.

      One more thing - I bet there isn't one person on the Broncos team that cares if Manning goes out and does commercials, all everyone cares about is Manning is here to help us win. I am also sure they would be out doing commercials too if they was asked.
      I will always be a Bronco fan--->

      But my Heart is with the UK Wildcats-->


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        Dacoats is a Patriots fan. Not a colts fan, period.

        No real fan of Manning would say something like that. The guy is the face of the NFL right now and for good reason. He isnt famous for doing bad things. He is famous for doing great things. Kudos to him for getting back in the commercial game.
        From a Colt to a Bronco


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          Originally posted by dacoats View Post
          please, don't call me a Patricia's fan, that is the ultimate insult

          I am a Coats fan, back to the days of Jones and the greats
          Na, the ultimate insult is YOU.
          From a Colt to a Bronco


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            Originally posted by Den615 View Post
            That is a pathetic insult and a lie!

            Tebow completed 47% of his throws last year
            So your saying its a 53% chance then?? I like that tv's survival odds!!


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              this guy is NOT from Indy

              what the h e l l is a COAT?????
              Originally posted by dacoats View Post
              that was a great day when you did (left), you are a Manning fan and not a Coats fan and I really don't like bandwagon fans to begin with. That is why you are hear, to ride the new wagon, don't fall off.....

              back to the real discussion:

              Manning and his agent are to take full blame for his departure from Indy. Our owner cried wen he realized Manning wanted out. Manning wanted out and his contract crippled the FO. He wouldn't restructure, and he didn't want to share the spotlight with the new kid.

              Our FO did their best to keep him happy and safe, but he never tried to give back to them, he was always on the take.

              He was the highest paid player in this league and Jim treated him like a god. Jim paid him top dollar and showed him respect and when he realized he couldn't have ll the money and a shot at the title too, he bailed.

              and here we are today.....

              You guys have a player that was a great talent in this league, but I don't know how much left he has emotionally since his first priority is his wallet.

              I thought I would always be a Manning fan, but to be honest he left like a coward and in disgrace. Just because Jim said he was cutting Manning didn't mean he actually did. It was a gentleman's agreement, one that Jim lost because of the lack of respect. He was given one option by Manning, to cut his favorite player of all time. I can't support a guy like that.


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                That is a coat.
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