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Report: Peyton turned down $25/year from Titans

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  • Report: Peyton turned down $25/year from Titans

    Adams was apparently willing to pay $25 million per year plus give him a lifetime job of some sort.

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    Geez....when I saw the title, it made total sense why he rejected the Titans.

    But when you throw in the "M".......well now, that makes for a more compelling argument!!!

    Seriously, we sure are lucky to have caught the "Big Fish".......I'm still pumped about it!!!!


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      Bud Adams nailed his own coffin with the whole Manning pursuit
      He demanded his FO change all of their plans and immediately go after Manning

      Why would someone want to work in that type of environment?

      Adams' senility is our gain I guess


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        Well $25/yr kidding

        ... that is cool tho


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          Ha...didn't notice my goof in the title.


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            Wow, that's about $7 million more than he'll make here.

            Think about that. I know he doesn't "need" the money, but $7 million freaking dollars per year.

            That's still a crapton of money.

            Regardless if Manning pans out or not (he will), Elways deserves executive of the year for landing Manning. Especially when that was what he was going against!


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              I am thinking Peyton didn't want to just be offered a contract. He probably just wanted to negotiate first, and the money isn't important to him. He just didn't want to go to Nashville.

              Possibly the same reason why he didn't even consider the Chiefs.

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                I wonder for how many years though? $25 mil a year for as long as he wants? lol... it's good that manning cares more about winning Super Bowls, not being greedy.

                In the end, it was about winning. I'm so pumped for the next 4-5 seasons!



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                  Manning not only has plenty of money but the opportunity to make as much as he wants after his career is over. It was accepted by Manning and every team that wanted him that he would get around the $18 million he was due to receive from the Colts. Bud Adams didn't advance his cause much with this ploy.

                  Manning wanted to go to an organization where he feels comfortable. That really came down to either Denver or S.F. The 49ers had the better team and would become the instant favorites to win the SB if Manning went there. But, he felt it was a better fit in Denver.

                  Apparently he didn't like the Dolphins and the Redskins really took themselves out of the running by trading for the rights to draft RGIII (although out of courtesy Manning still met with Shanahan it was obvious that the Redskins wouldn't be signing Manning).

                  The Titans weren't among the top 2.


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                    Taking less money allows for teams to spend more money on other players. He's not stupid he doesn't want to take up that much of the salary cap and leave the team strapped for cap room.
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                      I think he felt comfortable in Denver too. Todd Helton and Brandon Stokley are longtime friends. He's spent the lock out rehabbing at the Rockies' facilities. I think it was a combo of football and the atmosphere. I can't remember which reporter tweeted it, but someone said that they sat next to Cooper Manning on a plane recently and he was saying how happy Peyton and his wife were living in Denver.

                      There was a reason he went to Denver first. I think his gut was telling him Denver from the get go.