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Broncos Inch Closer To League Lead...In Arrests Since 2000

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    The fact is with the amount of money these guys make it's pathetic that they're out getting arrested for the stupid crap they do. How many non-athlete millionaires go out and get arrested for carrying guns into night clubs or running dogfighting rings or shooting someone in a strip club (hey Pacman)? I think the NFL needs to crack down harder on this stuff and clean up their image. Players need to realize getting paid millions of dollars a year to play football is a privilage and not a right.


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      Next season will have a 'off season crime tracker' much like the free agent tracker.


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        Ok so i see alot of mention about the money & how that may play a part in this & while i agree to a small extent, i think it goes beyond the money.

        I don't have any numbers to validate anything but how many Baseball players end up in these situations or how many Hockey players get into trouble? I would have to believe the % of those two sports compared to football would be far less per number of players in the respected leagues.

        I have my own ideas on the subject but i will keep them to myself but just throw one little bit out & that is, what if football players have too much down time or to much of an offseason, so they find "things to do" & end up in trouble. Think of the other sports, they have much shorter offseasons not to mention they play several times a week during the year.

        I'd love to see what others have to think about that & would really be curious to see some sort of numbers of the other sports by comparison to the NFL, so if anybody out there can dig that info up that would be cool, i'll hit ya up with cp.


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          I found that with an accompanied article Here

          There is also an academic paper that looks like it was published at Duke about NFL players VS the general population Here

          it does appear after skimming the article that in general NFL athletes are arrested less then the general population.


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            Interesting stuff there, and by my count according to the pie chart that's 34 for the NFL compared to 16 for MLB, more than double.


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              Originally posted by flyoverstates View Post
              hi Mile_High_Kiwi I resent like heck your implication that NFL players are more 'thuggish', for lack of a better word, than their athlete counterparts elsewhere. And I resent even more you suggesting that it is a "cultural" thing. Wth is that supposed to mean.

              And I resent throwaway statements like that too. Would you care to explain why you think there is a pseudo gang culture?

              The higher number of arrests, imo, cannot be explained by looking at incarceration rates, because:

              1) Incarceration means a person has already been found guilty and therefore jailed. We all know (like someone else in the thread has already mentioned) that an arrest does not equate to a guilty verdict.

              2) And the arrest numbers do not account for factors like racial profiling/ stereotyping among the American police. Neither do they take into consideration the charges which have been dropped, acquitted or simply dismissed.

              Hopefully you just overlooked these reasons. I would hate to think there was some bias on your part.

              I think there is a pseudo (meaning imitation/fake/artificial) gang culture because some NFL players roll around with guns, like they’re toys or on a movie set. They’re not! Guns are very serious. IMO the only people that should own or carry a gun, in everyday life, is a hunter or a law enforcement officer. And it’s not a colour thing, if that’s what you’re getting at. Gang bangers come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

              And when I talk about culture, I refer to the USA as a whole because you have such relaxed gun laws. I just see no need for people to carry guns, especially handguns, in their vehicles or on their persons. I would never want to own a hand gun; only bad can come from it. I grew up hunting and have owned several high powered rifles, which were always locked in a gun safe when not out hunting. I no longer hunt; I gave it away a few years ago and sold my rifles.

              If Doom wasn’t carrying a weapon he would not have been arrested. What does he need a gun for? Is he gona get into a shoot out with someone who tries to steal his car or rob him? Come is not a Hollywood movie.

              What I was referring to in regards to incarceration rates is that in the USA you have a greater chance of being incarcerated (and to be incarcerated, first you have to be arrested) for crimes that in other countries may not end up with a jail sentence. That’s a whole other discussion, and like you said there can be prejudice by law enforcement officers.

              I’m just trying to understand why every other day I see headlines about NFL players being arrested for something. I love the NFL and follow it religiously so I’m exposed to more NFL stories than any other sport, except for rugby. I have no idea how many baseball/hockey/basketball players get arrested.

              I did not mean to offend anyone