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Defensive rookies could make or break us...

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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    When you have a football team with 53 on the roster 46 of whom suit up and play on Gameday, everybody contributes. Guys on the Practice Squad contribute on scout team which is an important part of game prep.

    The Broncos drafted nine last year and they all made the team including a couple of UDFAs. This year they drafted seven. Step #1 is make the team. Non-starters must play ST. All will contribute.

    Reports from TC sound like Wolfe, Hillman and Jackson will see some playing time on plays from scrimmage while Bolden and Trevathan will probably be on several STs. Blake will provide valuable OL depth. Who knows? Maybe the Broncos will carry just two QBs.
    Thats what I'm hoping for honestly. Hanie did not impress last year with the Bears and because we are so deep this year I'm hoping we utilize that extra spot with someone else.


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      Originally posted by orangenightmare View Post
      Again with LOLZ. Im wondering what makes people doubt this idea of rookies getting significant playing time. Do you all think our draft was that bad?

      I mean lets look back at last year: In the top six in terms of # of tackles are Chris Harris, Von Miller, Quinton Carter. Rahim Moore also Played a significant amount of time. There is a precendent on this team for defensive rookies getting plenty of looks.
      I actually liked our draft a lot, i just doubt they get a lot of playing time this early.

      - Wolfe will get the most, but he has to rotate with Bannan/Warren/Vick, and some action at DE.
      - Bolden is behind Champ, Porter, Harris, and Florence.
      - I could see Trevathan get some action while DJ is out though.

      I never said i hated our draft but i would be very, very surprised with the exception of Wolfe if any of the rookies on D got a lot of playing-time.


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        Vets are there to have talent and to provide leadership to the young guns. Wanting to take their jobs. Either way, both sides have talent. But usually the young guns are the ones that win.
        Ready for October Falls