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    Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
    And I would add a possiblity of 20 if you know we end up in the wild card. But if you have us losing the Super bowl that is okay
    I was working on the premise of the first 16 are already locked up......


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      Lol at some of these posts. Yes obviously postseason games are must wins. And winning every division game is important. But there are some games that if you dont win you wont win the Sb.

      In week 9 of 2006, the colts defeated the patriots by 27-20. If the colts lose that game, they don't win the SB that year. If the giants last year don't win at dallas or at philadelphia they dont win the sb either.

      There are some games every year you can look at the schedule and say your team needs to win in order to make that sb run successful.

      Every game is not a must win haha (just ask the SB giants who lost twice to the lowly redskins)


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        Originally posted by TheSheriff View Post
        Only two hard home games are Pit and NO. Can't see us not winning at least 6.



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          Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post

          Houston isnt really that good. Against non-playoff teams they dominate but against the best teams, it's a different story. There are still some question marks on this team, but I cant see our D giving up 220+ yards on the ground rushing. That's the only way Houston can beat Manning.

          I know Houston's D is slightly different than when Manning faced it last, but some of the pieces they don't have anymore were very skilled and Manning still destroyed that D (Mlb Ryans and Rolb/De Williams come to mind).

          Manning vs Houston: 16-2, 70.4%, 284.6 ypg, 42 tds 8 ints, 110.6 qb rating

          And we'll be playing them at home, I really cant see them beating us.