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Manning getting "layed out" vs the Bears?

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    Originally posted by VADER72 View Post
    What does everyone think? I'm not too worried about Manning taking any shots this Thursday, he wont be in that long. And there is too much respect on the Bears D side for Peyton. Plus it's preseason. Regular season, I would expect them to come full boar.

    What i'm more concerned about is the Seahawks and 49ers, due to Pete Carroll getting the cold shoulder when they wanted to talk to Manning and Jim Harboughs persute to watch manning. Lets be honest, he wasnt sold on Alex Smith.

    Could they try and nick Manning up to just make a point?
    After what happened to the Saints?

    Even if it was plausible before this year which is not likely, no player or coach will touch anything that even remotely resembles a bounty for many years.
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