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Wait What? Curtis Martin is HOF material and TD isn't? WRONG.

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    Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
    I didn't even read any of this past you accusing me of not reading your post just because I didn't agree with you.

    I did skim a bit. You took the might have been better for three years statement too literal. I didn't actually mean might. I just meant you can make the argument for those three years not the argument that Curtis Martin didn't deserve to get in.

    Also I'm 30 and remember his entire career unlike you implying that I must be some ignorant teen.

    Outside that I didn't bother with the rest of this as I seriously question your knowledge as a football fan. Don't bother responding as I'm done with this thread.
    LOL! That's really what I thought it would be. WOW. You dissect my post, almost point by point. You call it garbage, claim that I offer no "proof" of my assertions, insult my opinion because you disagree with me, all the while Unabashedly ignoring what I really wrote.

    I respond to you point by point and all of a sudden you ran out of gas? You're too busy or something to bother really reading what I write, you can only skim???

    Sorry to bother you by disagreeing with you're HOF assessment of cmartin. Won't happen again.


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      Martin is like Corey Dillon and Tiki Barber?

      You're on crack.

      He has the prerequisite yardage. He has the TDs. He has his place in history as only the second RB ever to have 10 straight 1k seasons.

      I just skimmed that whole little tirade.

      Hooray, beer!