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is brookings temporary fix ?

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    We have little to no depth at LB, at least not until DJ comes back.

    He at least provides a bit of depth. I'm guessing that's why he was brought in.


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      Yep a fix until the draft, where unless Mays shows something we take his succesor.
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        It would be nice to think he would be around for awhile but the reality is father time waits for NO ONE and i can see a year or 2 @ most! either way , he would do a lot in a short period of time!!


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          Well, he hasn't practiced fully yet, but he did take some non ckntacg snaps as the backup MLB. He's insurance for a Joe Mays injurie methinks.


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            Originally posted by getlynched47 View Post
            I have no clue why people automatically assume that Keith Brooking is going to make the final roster. He's no lock. His abilities are in steep decline and he doesn't contribute on special teams.

            He was brought in as competition for Mike Mohamed, and it's conceivable that Brooking could show worse in training camp than Mohamed.
            I have no clue why every post from you has to be a negative, condescending scoff. Sheesh, dude.

            It's possible that every backup we talk about could be cut. It's conceivable that all of our 3rd string guys could perform better than our 2nd string guys. That doesn't mean we have to preface every conversation with "if he makes the team." I think we're all aware that no one is a lock to make the team outside of the big name guys, starters and big contributors. What difference does that make? It ain't got a thing to do with the price of eggs in China, that's what.

            I don't think the discussion is about whether or not he'll make the I said, everybody has to fight for their position. It's about the reasoning behind bringing him here.

            Read between the lines.
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