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So what is your opinion of Elways performance so far?

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    Playoff win first year

    PM second year with every Bronco Fan going crazy and showing up in double record numbers because we all so excited...

    I am pretty sure we will win a Championship with Elway leading us and when we do I will give him a A+
    Time to build on the win and grow the team from some solid play higher level of play


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      Love what Elway has done.

      Just a few things he's done i liked.

      - Drafted Miller when everyone myself included thought we should take Dareus/Fairley who ended up winning DROY and would of broke Kearse's sack record if he didn't play on one hand the last 4-5 games.
      - Hiring Fox as coach, as well as JDR as DC.
      - The low value FA's. Such as McGahee, Florence, Porter, Tamme, Dreesenn, Caldwell, etc.
      - Peyton Manning!!!!!!!!!!!
      - The draft is TBD, but i like what i hear.

      Overall, it's hard to be argue what Elway has done, he has my trust.


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        Elway has brought the excellence he showed on the field to our front office.

        Elway for president of the world... just sayin'


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          Everyone has pretty much covered it so all I'm gonna say is...



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            In before KWHIT gives him a F- for trading Tebow!
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              The biggest thing that Elway has done IMHO is given the team back to the city. With McD, it seemed like he didn't connect with the city and forgot that this is "Denver's" team. Elway has re-connected the city with the team and I am happy about that.


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                I don't think I've ever been this confident in our front office before. I know that before long, they'll bring us back to the promised land.


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                  I used to watch Elway play at Stanford Stadium as a kid, and then followed him there a decade later. Watched every snap of his NFL career, to the point that I could tell from his body lean when a QB draw was coming. I LOVED watching him line up from the 5 yard line and fool the Raiders with that draw for a TD nearly every year. Later, I wound up sitting next to him at Stanford Stadium again, watching his daughter and my brother graduate.

                  So when all the skeptics were pointing out the sketchy track record of former players, I KNEW he was going to be great. He brought passion for winning back to Denver and a plan for excellence. That said, I'm still surprised how fast the team has turned around. I honestly thought we were 3 years away from just being competitive after the McDisaster. We're way ahead of schedule, and could very well be SB competitive in year 3. Still have to see how the moves pan out, but hard to question the results thusfar. A.


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                    Originally posted by Grad53 View Post
                    I remember reading the boards right after Elway was hired and there were comments all over both positive and negative. Well it is 2 years later, the Broncos won the division, and are competitive once again.

                    I for one, am happy with the job that has been done so far because of the following;
                    1. Hiring Fox - a supposedly inflexible head coach, showed plenty of fliexibility changing the offense to support Tebows skills last year.
                    2. Last years Draft. Drafted Von Miller despite everyone saying it should be DL. Also two safeties that ended up starting at some point during the year.
                    3. Bringing in Manning - so Tebow wasnt his guy, but if he was going to trade him without rioting in Denver, you better get Manning or Brady.
                    4. This years draft - unkown thus far, but promising with Wolfe/Oz/Hillman. There are those who say we gave up too much for what we got, but I say, who knows outside of the front office who was targeted and at what price. Besides the draft is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.
                    1 I love having Elway around again. He lured the biggest free agent the NFL ever seen
                    2 Draft could have been better but it still contributed to the cause positively
                    3 Yep We had to give Tebow a shot before trading him. I would have not been happy if we hadn't.
                    4 I think it's obvious errors were made in the draft process. Maybe not in who we picked, but who we thought might still be there when our turn came back around. Day 2 I think it was when something didn't go according to plan but we may never know exactly what that was.
                    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                      Easy, he gets a C.


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                        Would love to see japfaff post in this thread. As I recall he was one of the biggest opponents to Elway taking over. It would fun to see him twist this in a negative way. Besides that, I believe he has done an amazing job at not only building the team but bringing a buzz back to denver.


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                          I give him an A. He hasn't really made any bad moves yet and the moves he made are almost all good. Good in the draft so far, and getting rid of Xanders was awesome.

                          I give him an A+ for changing our home uniforms back to ORANGE.
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                            I am going to wait until next year and see if we have the same DC. It seems no one can master that trick in Denver.

                            Elway does that...... A+++


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                              He totally stinks!

                              Fox is old!
                              JDR is a has been
                              Von Miller is like totally not as good as Dareus
                              Carter and Moore? Meh whatta bore.

                              F- status yo.



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                                Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
                                I give him an A+ for changing our home uniforms back to ORANGE.
                                Actually, believe it or not, that was done by.....


                                Josh.... McDaniels....