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So what is your opinion of Elways performance so far?

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    Originally posted by jonathanrivers View Post
    I don't think anyone thinks that.

    It's just that when you post a list where your positives FAR OUTWEIGH the negatives, assigning a ""C" grade, which is average, doesn't make a lick of sense. A "C" would realistically be a list where the negatives and positives were dead equal.
    ... maybe I weigh them differently? Why's it so hard to accept a different opinion? I'm not going to give something the highest grade possible just because it looks right on paper.


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      Like someone said earlier, Elway has been cleaning up McDs mess and is doing a pretty good job doing it. Only time can tell, once McDs mistakes are taken care of, how Elways decisions help or hurt the team.

      So far... I approve.
      Go Broncos


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        I'll remain neutral until I see the product on the field this year, now that Elway has his guys in place. Last year was a transition.


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          Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
          People probably should stop posting threads asking for other peoples' opinions. You better pick the right answer or of course you don't know anything.
          Actually I started this thread by asking what other people thought, then listed why I thought he was doing a good job. If you dont agree it wasnt because you dont know anything, its just my opinion and doesnt mean much, plus reading others opinions often makes me think twice about mine, as I may have (and didnt) think about a lot of the stuff that people didnt like when posting. I even saw someone post about letting Orton go to early, I dont agree, but then I never liked Orton. The reasoning was sound though. I also had no intention of giving Elway any grade. My intent was just to see what others thought. Besides isnt the message board here so that everyone can express their own opinions?
          There is no plan B.