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So what is your opinion of Elways performance so far?

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  • So what is your opinion of Elways performance so far?

    I remember reading the boards right after Elway was hired and there were comments all over both positive and negative. Well it is 2 years later, the Broncos won the division, and are competitive once again.

    I for one, am happy with the job that has been done so far because of the following;
    1. Hiring Fox - a supposedly inflexible head coach, showed plenty of fliexibility changing the offense to support Tebows skills last year.
    2. Last years Draft. Drafted Von Miller despite everyone saying it should be DL. Also two safeties that ended up starting at some point during the year.
    3. Bringing in Manning - so Tebow wasnt his guy, but if he was going to trade him without rioting in Denver, you better get Manning or Brady.
    4. This years draft - unkown thus far, but promising with Wolfe/Oz/Hillman. There are those who say we gave up too much for what we got, but I say, who knows outside of the front office who was targeted and at what price. Besides the draft is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get.
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    I think hes doing a good job. and has us on the right path he knows what it takes to win games and he taking us there.


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      As good as he's been I'm excited that its only going to get better. He spent much of these two offseasons cleaning up McDaniels' mess. I think by the next offseason we should be looking like a very strong team without many weaknesses. I think right now we are a strong team but there are a few areas that need some work.
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        IMO he's gotten an A thus far. John Fox, Von MIller, and Peyton Manning are all home runs. Player Contracts & free agent acquisitions seem to be pretty solid too IMO getting guys not for a ton of $ who can make an impact such as tamme and dreesen. This grade could change though based on drafting. We don't completely know how the last two drafts will pan out, outside of Von Miller.

        Early indications though seem to be great from this year, and I think we are in good hands.

        MCD left a mess though with a roster that didn't have much talent on it from top to bottom. I think the Defense this year will be astronomically better than it was 2-3 years ago, and I'm pumped. The offense should be much better too obviously with PM at the helm.

        Even if we finish 9-7 this year, that's steady improvement every year, especially considering the brutal schedule we are facing.
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          Elway has far exceeded my expectations in such a short amount of time. Given how deteriorated our organization was following the McD era, he has put us along with the rest of the organization in a position to win another Lombardi.

          If you thought last season was exciting folks, get ready, it's gonna be a THRILLER!
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            i agree ctm after shannahan left were in a downward spiral but future is bright so all u can realistically ask 4 after just 2 years


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              Very satisfied. One thing we can all agree on is that Elway loves the Broncos... and wants to win.

              I agree with almost all of his moves... with the exception of the assumption that we couldn't have used Tebow as a weapon and understudy to Manning. I am still a little skeptical on how the draft was handled this year. Other than that... I give him an "A".


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                Tebow would have never panned out 4 us i liked him but was right move. Manning wouldnt have come if he stayed


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                  I like to judge results. He took over a team in complete disarray, and they wkn the division and were in the playoffs the next season. Then, he landed arguably the biggest free agent in NFL history, in spite of the Titans offering Manning $7 million more per year.

                  To date, I have to give him an A-. The minus is due to my opinion he could improve some of his draft day moving, but even that imo isnt a huge deal, as long as we get impactful players.


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                    draft is debateable but filled alot of needs through free agency


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                      I'm down. :thumb:
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                        I thought the Broncos were five years away from being competitive after McD left. They are well ahead of that. Solid A.

                        (Subject to change as chips start to fall)


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                          He's done about as good as you can ask for. We have a stronger coaching staff & roster. He landed us the biggest free agent in history, instantly making us serious contenders. No way Manning comes here without Elway.

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                          Grade - A

                          PS - I absolutely LOVE the friendly atmosphere he's brought. He's treated all of our current and former players with nothing but class.


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                            I think he sucks...he traded Timmy...

                            JUST KIDDING!!! I give him an A. We are definitely heading in the right direction.

                            I also love that our division rivals now have to fear and loathe Elway...again!


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                              A. Elway has really improved this team, so any grade less than an A is an insult.

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