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  • Originally posted by Legion509 View Post
    Ya, I am not sure what defense they called, so maybe he was doing the right thing, if thats the case then the coaching staff called the wrong defense or something, because that play was going to be huge had he not fumbled.
    Even if he would have caught the ball Von was right on his hip and would have made the tackle from behind. Von picked up the fumble on the first bounce so he was right there and either way Von makes the play.
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    • I thought Nate Irving made a statement last night.

      I dont think it is so far fetched that he can win the MLB job. I hope so. I would really like to see more production from the draft last year.

      He looked good and he made his presence known last night.


      • Moore and Irving looked good last night. I think actually having a training camp had something to do with it.


        • You can evaluate individual players and units. You negate coaching, scheme, etc., but you absolutely can evaluate players.

          For example, late in the game the Bears just stayed in a base cover 2. We can evaluate Weber's and Oz's ability to throw the slant between the safeties, but that's an easy read. We can't evaluate that piece.

          If the Bears take a bit less time developing a game plan they will lose. It doesn't mean a thing. But when specific players are winning and losing their battles it isn't meaningless. Especially if a performance is dominant or terrible.
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          • Ball just looks average. He can't and won't do anything special. I would like to see McGahee, Moreno and the rook as the 3 RB's heading into the season. Depending on how many guys we decide to keep Johnson would be a nice addition to those guys too


            • This is gonna be tough for the coaching staff, regardless of what happens, there will be people that get there feelings hurt because there are good qualities in each one of these guys.


              • Von was playside on that run and quickly beat his man to the inside. Harris, Bailey, Woodyard and others were coming up fast on the outside. That play was going nowhere... even if the RB handled the toss.

                I know the Chicago OL isn't all that, but it is worth noting that a few of their starting linemen played well into the 2nd half.
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                • Its an interesting situation because after McGahee and Hillman who are both locks each RB brings something different. Moreno is the best receiver. Ball is the most dependable replacement for McGahee when he needs rest. Omon is the most powerful. And even Jeremiah Johnson is arguably the most explosive.

                  I think Omon has to continue to outplay Ball by a good margin to make the team as the coaching staff has a lot of trust in Ball. Moreno probably just needs to stay healthy and do a good job catching the ball. Johnson probably needs a Moreno injury.


                  • I guess it's possible. But he's not even on the depth chart for MLB. He's the back up SLB. Mike Muhammed is the back up MLB. Keith Brooking will probably take that soon enough though.


                    • Franklin at RG? What does that mean about the OL?

                      I noticed last night Debo playing rg, and the 1043 guys just mentioned it.

                      What do you think the look at guard for him means?

                      Seems to me it's either a reflection of poor performance at tackle, or, in my opinion, an indictment of Walton and a move to get Kuper playing center (we know he's been taking reps at center and snapping balls to PM in practice).

                      Why this look? What's do you think's happening on our OL?


                      • I wanted him to beat out Mays really bad. He's obviously a gamer. Hope he becomes our future MLB.


                        • Am I the only one still a little concerned???

                          It feels like 95% of the people on this board are crazy stoked. And with good reason. However I understand as much as anyone that its just the preseason...

                          But to be honest I'm still concerned...

                          Clearly Manning isn't 100%. And that is to be expected. To be honest I dont even see him as 90%, and I dont think we'll see that for a long time. He's been out of the game for a while.. he'll get there. But it will take time to gel.. What concerns me is.. Will we have the fire power to keep up with offenses led by Drew Brees, and Tom Brady? And lets face it. Rivers will have a chip on his shoulder, and thats when those QB's are most dangerous..

                          Not only will our offense have to click and fire on all cylinders.. We need our D to consistently perform like it did last night.. each and every week... And for Denver? Thats rare to come by..

                          I'm excited guys.. but not comfortable. Not comfortable one bit.


                          • If Cutler plays and completes a pass to Marshall, people would cry that they're rubbing the trades in our faces.

                            I mean after all, they are nothing but whiny scumbags with mental issues and we just have to hate them instead of moving on like they've done. Right?


                            • I think you're on the right track. If the current OL from left to right is officially: Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper, Franklin, I imagine Franklin's move would be a push to have the line look something like the following:

                              1. Clady, Beadles, Kuper, Franklin, Clark/Harris
                              2. Clady, Kuper, Walton, Franklin, Clark/Harris

                              Generally, guard is easier to play than tackle in basic pass and run blocking; we're not talking about pulls and things like that. I hear people are down on Beadles and Walton but high on Chris Clark and Franklin. Beadles' ability as a good pulling run blocker is less useful in an Indianapolis style offense.

                              That said, if Kuper isn't at 100%, it's a possibility Franklin is working to take Kuper's spot at RG, with Kuper as a back up until later in the season. In this theory, the OL would look like this until Kuper is healthy later in the season:

                              -Clady, Beadles, Walton, Franklin, Clark/Harris
                              and then this when Kuper is 100%:
                              -Clady, Beadles, Walton, Kuper, Franklin

                              Right now it's all just theory though.


                              • Of course you aren't the only one, we're probably all a little concerned. It was just nice to see the team perform well even during a preseason game.

                                To be honest I much prefer this positive outlook i'm seeing on the boards. It's a complete change from the constant negativity and fear we seemed to have been producing the past couple of seasons.
                                Thank you Charger$