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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    It wasn't too long ago that the Browns beat the Patriots and Saints in a pretty short timespan. I know you seem to disagree, but the Browns do have a pretty solid defense, and against teams like the Bengals/Ravens/Steelers/Raiders/Chiefs/Redskins/Colts etc. that can keep you in close, winnable games.
    Eric Mangini was the head coach of the Browns when they beat the Patriots and Saints. He is now out of the NFL. Furthermore, the Browns defensive coordinator is now the coordinator of the Cowboys. Many of the top players on the team are now on different teams. On top of that, Joe Haden the best defensive player on the team is facing a four game suspension for testing positive for Aderall. On top of that, one of the team's top linebackers (Gocong) is out for the season and another (Fujita) is facing a four game suspension for BountyGate - not to mention the loss of Phil Taylor for half a season.

    The defense, which you call a strength is in shambles. On top of that the offense is starting something like 5 rookies numerous skill positions (Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Reciever (Benjamin and Gordon) and offensive tackle). That means the team will struggle - both offensively and defensively. The problems that the team had last season have now grown exponentially.

    Originally posted by JvDub95 View Post
    Bengals, Bills, Colts, Raiders, Chiefs and Redskins are possible games. Atleast they are the teams with QB issues that I see. Dalton is going to have a tougher time this season, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Browns take both those games.
    The Browns also have a quarterback issue. The team's starting quarterback has struggled immensely in the preseason. Yes, it is preseason but that does not bode well. He will struggle this season and given the fact that the team faces the top defensive teams in the NFL (the Steelers and Ravens) and a rising team (the Bengals) whose defense has improved. Dalton is young and is adjusting to the NFL. Along with him he has young, talented players like Gresham and Green. He is only going to get better - not worse.

    I would be surprised if the Browns won a single game in the division.

    I am not a fan of Fitzpatrick, I don't think he is capable of leading the Bills, he choked last year and will do it again.
    Who is better? Weeden or Fitzpatrick? Who has more more talent around them? The answer to both is Fitzpatrick, hands down. Include the fact that the Browns porous run defense will be even more porous with the above losses. Furthermore, the loss to Haden will leave the pass defense even more susceptible - a fact the Bills will exploit.

    Luck and RG3 are good but are still rookies, no game is going to be a cake walk for these 2.
    That is true, however, look at what those two teams are. They both have experienced players on offense around them and veteran coaches that know how to get the most out of their players. The Browns have an extremely inexperienced head coach and are going to be breaking in numerous rookies and will have a depleted defense. That equals a horrible season - very likely the worst season in the NFL.
    The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

    The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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      Charlie, those are all good points. I agree, this season is more of a re-building stage for the Browns, but I think, with the exception of Weeden, the Browns may have talent for the future. I can easily see Greg Little be more of a threat, and I do believe Richardson will have a great career, whether it was worth trading up a spot for him or not.

      If McCoy was still starting, this offense actually would be decent, in my opinion. Sure, it is not the Packers offense, but it would be an improved one.

      I know Shurmur likes Weeden, but if he plays bad enough, I can see him get benched.

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        Anyway, here's my predictions for the year:

        AFC West
        Broncos 11-5 (When healthy, Manning will not lead a losing team.)
        Chiefs 10-6 (They're getting a lot of players back from injuries. I expect them to do better.)
        Chargers 8-8 (They have talent, but also someone that should be out of the NFL by now.)
        Raiders 6-10 (They're not terrible, but I think they're the worst in this division. I don't expect much from Palmer.)

        AFC South
        Texans 12-4 (That team went to the divisional round, and put up a solid fight against Baltimore with T.J Yates, not Matt Schuab. Schuab is a good QB. This team will win the superbowl. Just watch.)
        Titans 8-8 (Jake Locker will be a great NFL QB. But the Titans still need some more help around him.)
        Colts 6-10 (Luck should immediately be an upgrade over Painter, Orlovsky, or Collins. But he won't be good enough to make the Colts look good, like Manning did.)
        Jaguars 5-11 (Gabbert looks like he improved, but I'm not sold on him. Plus MJD holding out hurts them too.)

        AFC North
        Ravens 12-4 (I know Suggs got hurt, but this is still a very talented team. Besides, they did draft Courtney Upshaw, who should be a good replacement.)
        Steelers 10-6 (They have talent, but they're getting old. Eventually, they will need to draft more defensive players again.)
        Bengals 8-8 (Dalton may improve, but they did have an easy schedule last year. It gets harder this time.)
        Browns 2-14 (Charlie's right.)

        AFC East
        Patriots 14-2 (Their schedule is too easy. Only tough teams on that schedule are us, Baltimore, San Fran, and Houston. And three of those games are in New England.)
        Bills 8-8 (They should improve, plus they have an easy schedule too.)
        Dolphins 6-10 (Easy schedule, and I don't think they're that bad of a team honestly. They have talent on defense, plus a great running game.)
        Jets 4-12 (They're not a bad team, but they have WAY too many distractions, starting with that guy who wears 15. Plus their schedule is kinda difficult.)

        NFC West

        49ers 13-3 (All defensive starters have stayed in place.)
        Seahawks 7-9 (Wilson is looking good!)
        Cardinals 5-11 (Kolb or Skelton? People will be asking that all season long.)
        Rams 3-13 (Why doesn't Bradford have any weapons other than Jackson around him yet?!?)

        NFC South
        Saints 11-5 (Drew Brees is still their starting QB, and still have all that talent on offense. They will make the playoffs, even after bounty gate.)
        Falcons 10-6 (Still a talented team.)
        Panthers 8-8 (This team is looking better. Can't go wrong with Newton as QB.)
        Buccaneers 5-11 (Had a good draft. They should be a little better, but they still have work to do.)

        NFC North
        Packers 13-3 (Do I even need to explain why they're so good?)
        Bears 10-6 (As long as Cutler and Forte stay healthy, this team is very talented. Plus their depth is better just in case they both go down again. Plus the Cutler to Marshall show continues in the Windy City.)
        Lions 10-6 (Stafford to Calvin. 'Nuff said.)
        Vikings 3-13 (I am not impressed with this team. Maybe Ponder can improve, but AP, their only superstar player on offense, may not be his old self immediately, if at all. That is worrisome.

        NFC East
        Giants 11-5 (Sorry Philly, but this is easily the best team in the division. I would take the Giants offense easily over Philly, plus I would take their d-line over it too. They DID win the Superbowl over the Patriots, you know.
        Eagles 8-8 (This team is overrated. It is not a bad team, but they're not a top 10 team either. Great teams do not have starting QB's consistently injured.
        Cowboys 8-8 (If Romo and Murray stay healthy, this team could be a 10 game winner. But getting Orton is good depth. He is a good backup.)
        Redskins 6-10 (I do see RGIII doing well, but they still need some talent around him on offense. Santana Moss should not be your best receiver, plus I feel their running game is overrated. Their defense isn't bad though.)

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          Originally posted by Mantheyman View Post
          True. You'd be upset with a 10-6 season? You do realize that we haven't had better than an 8 game winning season since 2006, right? Expecting us to win 13 or 14 games this season is a little much.
          I would love a 10-6 season


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            13 n 3 gotta put it somewhere

            Reasoning is I think the west is that bad 6 wins right there


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              Originally posted by GreasyQtip View Post
              13 n 3 gotta put it somewhere

              Reasoning is I think the west is that bad 6 wins right there
              Have you seen how difficult our schedule is this season? We're not going 13-3.

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                Just a little article I wrote about the new season. Enjoy!

                Hope you like it, I haven't written any articles in a while so I'm slightly rusty. However I really hope you enjoy it, and I hope it wets your appetite for a hopefully historic season!

                So here we are. The NFL season is officially underway, and after waiting for over seven months, Denver Broncos fans are a mere 48 hours away from finally getting to see their team in action yet again.

                Much has changed at Dove Valley, Colorado since the fairy-tale of 2011/12 came to an end in a playoff loss at the hands of the New England Patriots. The most talked about deal of the off-season saw future Hall-of-Fame Quarterback, Peyton Manning, join the Broncos after being cut by Indianapolis in favour of rookie Andrew Luck. The deal, which years ago you would have thought of as “impossible”, left Denver in a dilemma regarding what to do with Tim Tebow. Eventually, the polarising quarterback was sent to the Jets with a 7th round draft pick for the 2012 draft, in exchange for a 4th and 6th round pick from the New York outfit.

                After reaching the playoffs for the first time since the Jake Plummer-led Broncos made it to the AFC Championship game in 2005, Denver’s vociferous fan base finally have reason to be optimistic. Despite finishing no better than 9-7 in six years, the Broncos will look to finally solidify themselves once again as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL. The six-time AFC Champions and 2-time World Champions have a gruelling schedule, kicking off against the team they infamously defeated in the 2011 playoffs, Mike Tomlin’s Pittsburgh Steelers. Moreover, the Broncos take on the Patriots, Saints and Ravens over the course of the 17 week season.

                That notwithstanding, there is no reason the Denver Broncos cannot hope for the best this year. Peyton Manning, despite media rumblings about the health of his neck which kept him out of the entire 2011 season (arguably the biggest factor in the Colts’ ability to “Suck for Luck”), looked back to his very best in the Week 3 dress rehearsal against the highly tipped San Francisco 49ers, going 10/12 for 122 yards and two touchdowns to Eric Decker. Both Decker and DeMaryius Thomas will both look to improve on their solid seasons, with many tipping Thomas to have a breakout season and establish himself as a top-10 receiver.

                On the other side of scrimmage, the Broncos have Von Miller. The seemingly bionic Linebacker-***-Sack machine out of Texas A&M will be hoping to build upon a phenomenal rookie season, which saw him not only named Defensive Rookie of the Year, but also considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award by some pundits.

                Despite setbacks such as the retirement of Brian Dawkins, it is a great time to be a Denver Broncos fan. Hall of Fame Quarterback, a young, hungry defence, as well as some bargain draft picks like Ronnie Hillman and Danny Trevathan. All of the aforementioned are just the tip of the iceberg. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the Denver Broncos are back.

                Here’s to a great season, to lend some words from our old friend Tim Tebow:

                “God Bless, Go Broncos.”
                Come On You Blues! GO BRONCOS!