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If Ronie Hillman is suppose to be a "Sproles" type talent, and he does have speed.

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    Originally posted by coloradomedic View Post
    That's an understatement. He told one guy in a Denver Post article to drop Gronkowski and take Thomas before the season started last year. Unfortunately, all the kids on here who can't evaluate talent on thier own hang on his every word. Cecil misses more than he hits.
    Cecil wasn't the only guy high on Julius Thomas last year. He was TEARING it up in Camp and he even got reps right from game 1 because of it. The problem with him is injuries, and he can't block. That has nothing to do with how he was catching everything thrown at him last year in camp.

    People can hate on Cecil all they want, but people on these boards aren't getting paid to evaluate talent and talk football. Cecil Is. He actually goes to the combine, the senior bowl, goes to camp, works for, and ESPN Denver.

    It's easy to tear down the guy when your not putting your own neck out there for every move you call. He's hit on a lot of things - like when he said Mcgahee and John fox would be a great fit weeks before it happened - and all he really said about Ronnie Hillman was that he has Lesean Mccoy UPSIDE.

    If you guys can't understand the difference between upside and actually comparing 2 player's accomplishments, then problem is with you. Everyone boasted that Andrew Luck has John Elway upside, but nobody was saying he's there right now.