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    If the Broncos don't finish 19-0, it just means that I have one more thing to look forward to next year.


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      LIsten, I'm all for a 19-0 year, it would basically put me at the pinnacle of the sports hierarchy as far as fandom is concerned, but lets be realistic for a minute. If we stay 100% healthy throughout the year (not going to happen) we're looking at a 12-14 win season. Frankly, i think we can beat New England, and its the Raiders/Chiefs/Chargers of the world that scare me. Ya know, those teams thats sole purpose is to ruin your day, will do so. Like someone said, I'll take 9-7 and a 4-0 playoff run over a 17-0 run ending with a 1-1 record in the final two games.


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        OK gang.....I started this thing about not going 16 and 0, and such. Just a fun label to hopefully generate some good know that nice mix of being homers (which is fine by me, if you're paying for it), having some fun, doing some hard nosed analysis, AND YES, being realistic (can't forget the reality button).

        All in all, I like this team a whole lot this year, especially with Manning showing himself as the true leader and competitior that he is. And what I want initially, is to win the Division. That's it. That would be great. Win the Division, and then play it as it comes.

        Like all teams, that's my goal right now.


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          Big game tonight! If we win, I see us going into the bye week at 5 and 1, with a weaker New Orleans team coming to town the week after.

          Either way, 4 and 2 going into the break would be fine. The key will be those San Diego games, because we're going for the Division title.


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            Tonight we go 2-0 in route to 19-0.


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              Not with that attitude we won't.:-)

              Originally posted by CanDB View Post
              But I don't care........making it to the playoffs, and winning our last game in postseason is a much better goal in my books!

              So yes, expect to feel the anguish of that losing feeling. It's inevitable. It may even happen this coming week. Hey, The Falcons are solid. Beatable, but solid.

              Lets face it, we have a tough schedule. Then again, you have to look ahead a game at a time, and another thing - if you want an easy schedule, how and when do you get good at beating top ranked teams? It doesn't bode well to get used to playing ordinary / weak teams. It's not a bad thing, and it's not your choice in the first place, but I believe you need to play contenders to be a contender.

              I will admit that I would prefer not to play extremely physical teams week after week, because that can wear you down and lead to some real aches and pains, and injuries.

              As for the 16 and 0 thing (although this is not the real theme of this thread), it didn't end up so well the last time it was accomplished. I'm sure The Pats would have gladly traded a loss in the season for you know what!

              Further, I believe The Packers lost a lot of steam last year, as people came to "expect" wins from them each and every week. I, a big fan on Rodgers, saw something I did not like - a team that kept winning, but was not peaking at the right time. 15 and 1 was a big disappointment at the end of the day.


              I want to win every week. I do not like the thought of losing. BUT based on my prediction for our season, I expect to witness some losses along the way. And the very idea of losing 4 games, for example, would translate to a certain amount of pain.....and possibly some finger pointing. It happens. We vent. BUT I would gladly accept a 12 and 4 season (as an example) right now, if I was given a chance to decide. Hey, until recently, most of us would probably expect us to lose at least 4 games. Some believe it will be a much bigger number.

              Bottom line - whether we lose this week or not, we will lose during the regular season. If I'm wrong, I will be the first to happily admit it. But 16 and 0 won't happen. Balls bounce in strange directions. Many games are won or lost in the last minute, in really exciting games. Some days a team as a unit is collectively off.

              As stated, in the end, like probably every team in this 32 team league, our goal is to win our division. And after that, the goals change. So lets go for the division, and then win one at a time, and not lose our last game. It can happen.....this year.
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