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one glaring need to me after the first 4 games(lack of punt returning)

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    The only way I can think of to determine if anyone is better at fielding punts than Leonhard is to practice it full speed on a full practice field; for all we know, this is already happening. The first job of a punt returner is to decide if he's going to get under it, or let it hit the ground. If he fields it, next job is ball security. If it hits the ground, he and everyone else on PR team needs to stay clear.
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      I like him back there only because he's a safe bet. Remember last year??????????????????


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        Originally posted by rusty_thomson View Post
        This just makes me miss Eddie Royal even more. He was a smart, safe and explosive returner
        Bingo. I so miss Eddie Royal too for not only his return abilities, but what he could do with Manning as QB. I bought his jersey and still follow him on facebook. He not only would have made this team, but made this team even better.

        He also is a stand up guy on and off the field and SO wish he was still here.
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          good thing we brought in a fast guy for return duties


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            Originally posted by killacal View Post
            we need a punt returner REALLY bad, jim leonard is sooo slow, he probably has a 2 yd return avg...his 40 time has got to be like 5.5, i would rather him back up at safety and get someone else to return punts because he stinks at it
            What we need is a playmaker. I would suggest a player who is a two for one player. Example: Tavon Austin, West VA. Someone who can take it to the house both as WR/slot and punt returner. Also, as a safety outlet for Peyton.