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Is it just me or does Eric Decker play more like a slot wideout?

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    A bit off the subject, but Decker does this alllllll the time & I am just so tired of it....any incompletion for any reason & Decker puts on a production like he has just been publicly victemized. Hands tossed indignantly in the air, looking around for a ref to "lobby his case" to. Just because you didnt catch the ball doesnt mean there is interference/holding/illegal contact on EVERY freaking play.

    Put your damn hands down & quit whining after every single play.

    On a similar note...defenders who do thier little hands-off "what?!? I din do nuttin'" gesture are exponentially more likely to get a flag tossed at them. If you didnt do anything, why are you drawing attn to yourself? Do they walk out of the 7-11 yelling "I didnt shoplift ANYTHING!" over thier shoulder? Once again, put your damn hands down & quit whining.

    New penalty for next season: 15 yards for Excessive Lobbying.
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      I think the OP is right; Decker would be an excellent slot guy but is often overmatched on the outside. He would be an amazing weapon if he could be used as our version of Wes Welker.

      The problem is that there is a shortage of WR talent on this team, and there is no other option to take over at WR2. Stokley is still a good slot guy but never had the speed to play outside, and I don't trust Caldwell or Willis at all--so we have no other options because there is no depth at WR.

      Hopefully this offseason we draft or get through FA a true outside speedster to play opposite Demaryius, so that Decker can move inside and take full advantage of his skillset. Or if an outside WR comes on the trade market this year, the Broncos need to jump. That would make this offense easily one of the scariest in the league.


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        To add to the argument, one of his best skills, is pulling in low passes (a pre-requisite to playing the slot) and one of his biggest weaknesses is snagging passes above his head ( a prerequisite to playing on the outside). Naturally, we expect a 6'3 receiver to be the opposite, but that is his skillset.
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          Decker is probably best suited for the slot, but Manning has worked well with just average number 2s and good number 1s and good slots, so I don't think it will be that big a deal.