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3 fumbles in 3 games by DT, give me some history here

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    I hope this does not become the achilles heel of the team, like you said,we hold on to or recover ,

    the score and game could be a totally diff outcome,

    Originally posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
    On defense it's just as bad, we've forced 5 fumbles, yet have only recovered 2 of them. That means this season, both offense and defense combined, the ball has been fumbled 12 times, yet we've only managed to come up with it twice. Is the ball just not bouncing our way, or are we not good at swarming the ball when its on the ground?

    Interceptions aren't any better, only 2 so far this season for a grand total of 4 turnovers. The defense HAS to be better at getting turnovers, its that simple. We recover a few more fumbles, we hold onto a couple more dropped interceptions, and this seasons record would be completely different at this point.