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Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 6 Preview - Broncos vs Chargers

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  • Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 6 Preview - Broncos vs Chargers

    Good morning Broncos fans! Good luck this week!


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    Nice man thanks! I always enjoy these, and I also enjoy your pick


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      Originally posted by Papa-pwn View Post
      Nice man thanks! I always enjoy these, and I also enjoy your pick
      Thanks Big Dog! I appreciate that!


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        Monday night Idea.....

        Had an idea for Monday's game. I was thinking that maybe the Broncos could wear purple shoelaces in memory of Jessica Ridgeway and all abuducted children. I know there are strict requirements by the NFL on uniform's especially since it being breast cancer awarness month. But, I think that shoe laces may be something they could get away with. All I can find to do is tweet John Elway and ask some help from page starters on Facebook.

        I wanted to ask this board and see what you guys thought of the idea. Also to see if you guys had any other ways to possibly get this idea to the team. Thanks for reading guys.

        P.S-I am really involved in this case because I have to beautiful little girls and would be in a state of hell if this had happend to one of them. I would love to see the denver communtity get together to find this sick human being that would do this to a little girl.


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          As a dad of a beautiful little girl i hope this person burns in hell. Maybe the broncos can wear a purple JR on their uniforms. And good luck with you case and as always GO Broncos.


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            Sorry, but who is she?


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              First time I've watched. Great stuff sir! I'll start keeping an eye out for you bids more often.


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                Let's get this back onto the subject of football: How about a red ribbon for Chief's missing defense?


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                  The NFL are quite sticklers for their stringent uniform rules, and they rarely if ever allow teams or players to deviate from them.

                  I remember in 2002 when Peyton Manning wanted to wear high-top cleats in his next game to honor of the recently departed Colts legend Johnny Unitas and the NFL threatened to fine him $25,000 if he did. Manning decided not to do it but I still think that was very petty of the league, who is always trying to sell us all on “history” & “legacy” of the former players & their accomplishments.
                  “I’m your huckleberry!”


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                    ESPNs MVP Watch (Manning 3rd)

                    With the slow start record wise, Mannings play does seem to be going under the radar a bit. Here is the rankings in the MVP so far according to ESPN.

                    1. Matt Ryan:

                    Ryan had 32 first-half pass attempts and a pick-six when the Falcons went to halftime against the Redskins with the game tied 7-7. He wasn't as sharp as he'd been to that point in the season. But with the outcome at stake in the fourth quarter, Ryan led one drive to a tying field goal and another to the winning touchdown. A 29-yard strike to Julio Jones was the key play during the TD drive. The Falcons could have stuck with their ground game in that situation. Instead, they trusted Ryan with a more aggressive plan.

                    (Threw 3 picks yesterday in a victory)

                    2. Tom Brady:

                    Brady and Ryan were opposites in Week 5. Whereas Ryan recovered from a shaky start, Brady completed 17 of 20 first-half passes (85 percent) for 165 yards and a touchdown. That was good enough for the Patriots to build a 17-7 lead at halftime. What was striking, however, was just how much Brady was able to lean on the Patriots' ground game. He completed only six second-half passes for 58 yards, taking four sacks and scrambling four times on 15 drop-backs.

                    (Threw 2 picks yesterday in a loss)

                    3. Peyton Manning:

                    Manning has nine touchdown passes without an interception since tossing those three first-quarter picks against the Falcons in Week 2. It would be easy to knock him down the list based on the Broncos' 2-3 record, but that would ignore the stiff competition Manning has faced to this point in the season. There's no shame in losing road games to the Falcons and Patriots. Denver's third defeat was to Houston, arguably the best team in the NFL. From here, the Broncos face San Diego (twice), New Orleans, Cincinnati, Carolina, Kansas City (twice), Tampa Bay, Oakland, Baltimore and Cleveland.

                    (Peyton could take a big jump in a big time game on MNF)

                    :thumb: LETS DO THE DAMN THING TONIGHT!!!



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                      I would love if this happened.


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                        Well Ryan and Brady had bad games yesterday, although the Falcons still won which will ease the blow to Ryan's position. Rodgers big game should vault him back into the top 5 or so. With a big game tonight I'd expect Manning to be #2, on Sando's list anyways. He has a very good shot this year if the Broncos can end the season strong. There isn't a runaway winner so far, Ryan is still the strongest candidate, but not by much IMO.


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                          I would rather make the playoffs then worry about manning getting an mvp award


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                            Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
                            I would rather make the playoffs then worry about manning getting an mvp award
                            They may just go hand in hand.


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                              MVP usually goes to the guy whose team is in top 3 -4 record wise if we could there his stats will take care of themselves n have good chance at winning it but a long ways to go...