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    Crap, where'd I put my tin foil, I need to make a hat.

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      I believe you bro. but I am very drunk and about to pass out so that might have some stuff to do with it.
      I will always be a Bronco fan--->

      But my Heart is with the UK Wildcats-->


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          Okay, I could get into a lot of trouble for letting this information get out, but the truth must be known. If you never hear from me again, this post will be why.

          A short time ago a document crossed my desk. It was a top secret report that accidentally got placed into the "staffing and budgetary concerns for the third quarter" file I was getting ready to present to the directors.

          In this file was a report called "Alien influence and the New England Patriots". It was marked top secret. I should have taken it immediately to my supervisor, but curiosity got the better of me.

          This report outlined how an alien species had made a "beachhead" base in the Patriot organization. This had been suspected by some time by the FBI, CIA, and NFL. The government suspected this primarily due to the high level of technology and sophistication of the Patriots surveilance software.

          An investigation had to be done to see how deep the alien infestation had gone in the Patriots organization. In conjunction with the CIA, Bowlen agreed to bring on McD to see if he was alien, and to see how deep was his involvement in the conspiricy. Long story short, turns out McD was just a giant ******. But Bill, he's not human. He's not even from this GALAXY.

          You didnt hear all this from menphphhhg help help the aliens are cominphhhph gggg wargarbl
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            Na man it was the genius of little Bill B. to make McDuface look like some offensive genius so we would hire him and allow him to destroy our franchise.

            That one sounds a little more possible.

            /Tinfoil hat back on.


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