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    It's amazing what a big win can do. There's no way we'd be thinking like this if we'd have lost that game on MNF. Having said that - win or lose you are right. These guys are doing well. I just hope the team really is gelling up now. John Madden predicted Manning really wouldn't be completely Manning until after the bye and it is reasonable because we've got a new defense AND a new offense for all intents and purposes.

    3-3 at the bye ...... I'll take it. In fact our 3-3 is a better record than San Diego's 3-3. The good encouraging thing is most of the drafts and acquisitions are proving beneficial -even when they didn't quite make sense when they happened. They know more about it than me! Thank god
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      yes the last 2 drafts have produced 4 starters n some depth need keep that up esp. on defense...unlike shanny n mcd were actually drafting heavy on def. instead mostly FA guys...hopefully next year we can get another quality DT DE n LB front 7 needs more work...