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    Originally posted by Captain_23
    Moreno's screen pass and catch against Seattle a couple years back was by far and away more impressive
    I love the one against the Chargers when Tebow threw it to Knowshon, and he took it and ran over the S for a TD. Then proceeded to tease himself about the bicycle incident.
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      Originally posted by Broncoboy6 View Post
      I love the one against the Chargers when Tebow threw it to Knowshon, and he took it and ran over the S for a TD. Then proceeded to tease himself about the bicycle incident.
      yeah that was a great one too. Im not saying Moreno is an all world beater, but folks act like that man has never made any big plays for this team.


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        Originally posted by RockyMtnConvert View Post
        Just give this kid time, he looks like CJ Spiller did in his first year, tentative, hesitating.... Then, the light went on, he just he's and the Endzone is possible every time....
        I dont see it.....Hillman isnt that kinda speed. He is quick, and he can do things but I cant see him ever being a big role player cause the dude is 180lbs
        Thanx Blondie79 for the sweet Sig....Love it and I will rock it with pridesigpic


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          Originally posted by Captain_23 View Post
          BTW, my bad John, he had two good runs lol. thanks for the CP though.
          So what you are saying that you have to have big runs in order for it to be a good run. So a guy you supported in Knowshon Moreno and like has only had 7 good runs in his entire career ? You can't take every run for a big play and when you get in space it is a talent to be able to make the most of it. And just for the count of big run plays between Knowshon Moreno and Ronnie Hillman.

          Knowshon Moreno: 7 carries over 20 yards on 474 career attempts

          Ronnie Hillman: 2 carries over 20 yards on 31 career attempts

          But I would say Hillman had more then 2 good runs. I think most people can understand that. He hit the hole hard a couple times and got down hill creating contact. Had the cut back run and two carries over 20 yards. As I said he is playing tenative at times but he is a rookie getting his first real bulk of carries. You have to be happy with is being shown by him right now.

          “oh yeah, btw. what Im saying is, besides his two 20+ yard runs, yes those are the only two good runs. Im not saying he has to break big gains. I rather have a back that powers his way to a 5-7 yard carriy ( Mcgahee) every 2-3 runs, than a back that breaks a 20 yarder every once so often. he has had some carries and he managaes to break 2 twenty yarders against a defense that is regarded as the worst defense in like 40 years ( I could be a little off)

          So excuse me, if i want to see more of the kid before Im ready to crown the man.”
          You are wrong. He had more then two good runs. Two were explosive and two stood out but that is what is wrong with so many fans. They only think the flashy ones are the good ones. What about the cut back play where it would have been a loss and he turned it into a 3 yard gain. No other back on the roster could have done that. That is a good play. Plus he had a few others where he had no blocking and some where he could have got more out of it and some where he hit the hole well. But overall he was good.

          And yes that defense is piss poor. That is the truth however he did make the plays and it seems the people who tried to take away from them after the game seem to want to look for anything to take it away. Given they are all Knowshon Moreno supporters but still. You can only do what you can against what you play against.

          And I am not crowning him the man. Just giving him some props that he has earned. He had a good day running the ball. He hit some big plays for us. He is looking better then expected in pass protection and if he is used in the receiving game he could make some plays also like he showed against Oakland. It is good that he is starting to have an impact and over the next few weeks, starting against the Bengals hopefully that contiues.

          I saw the catch, Im 26 years old and have been either playing or watching the game of football since i was 8 years old. Now I admit, I can maybe over-exaggerate at times, but by no means, does Hillman look wayyyy, wayyy, wayy faster than Moreno, especially for a dude as tiny as he is. Moreno has had plenty of big catches, so that big catch in Oakland isnt anything to right home about. Moreno's screen pass and catch against Seattle a couple years back was by far and away more impressive than Hillman's. As far as Tebow is concerned. dont make stuff up. I have never been on the Tebow band wagon. I may have said, something like " good job Tebow", or "thats how u supposed to throw the ball Tebow" when he made an occasional good play, but I never ever, ever, posted anything about that guy being the Answer or whatever you trying to claim I said about that bum of a QB.
          It means nothing for how long you have been a football fan. It didn't seem to matter in the past when you have said ridiculous things. And I am not saying Moreno has not made plays for this team. He most certainly has. I was a big fan of the guy after his rookie season. I felt like he could be special. Then he showed flashes of it against the Kansas City Cheifs in 2010. But for the most part he has been disapointing and that is the reason why he has fallen out of good graces with the Broncos coaching staff.

          And I don't even think Moreno is a bad player. I think he could still help the team and I think he could still be a good player in the NFL. The guy loves football and brings energy. Hopefully he can work his way into the coaches good books and it will probably take injuries for that to happen. In saying this he just isn't reliable enough and it will be tough for him to do this.

          And I didn't make anything up. I didn't even say your opinion of Tebow was that. Just that that was the case for so many Bronco fans. I never said you and I didn't actually know your take on Tebow. But I really don't see the need to refer to players as bums or trash or useless and things like that. Talk about them but leave the names out. I just don't think that makes someone sound like they have a clue of what they are talking about.
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