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  • Originally posted by Rarelyoffended View Post
    Mcgahee is not that much talented then Hillman....please.....
    Lol seriously you need to just stop it. Hillman has been garbage thus far. I dont even think he is the second best back on this roster and the only reason he is on the actove roster is because he is an investment of the new regime. He has been very unimpressive. Dont see how you can make this comment and actually believe the crap you just said.


    • Does anyone remember with Brandon Marshall had that fumbling problem with us? He carried that ball to interviews, meetings, practice, and everyone was trying to swat that ball away. I am sure this issue will be fixed. Besides going forward and not lateral (1st Quarter, Willis got chewed out for it) and McGahee's career high 5 fumbles in a season, we don't have many issues to worry about besides maintaining great defense and great play by the WHOLE roster.
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      • If this team isnt going to use Moreno ever again and keep him in the dog house for the DUI, and fumble, then just cut him.

        Trade deadline is gone.

        What are they doing with him is what I want to know.

        Not to get into this whole thing about his effectiveness, but he has shown an ability to make plays.