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    Originally posted by NextGeneration View Post
    ... we had kept our recent receiving corps? It seems like Denver has become WRUniversity in that we have had many good receivers come to town only to be shipped out during transitions periods and preform well for other teams. Although I like DT/Decker/Stokes, imagine if we had kept LLoyd or Marshal. Peyton's recieving options on any given play could be any combination of:Marshal, LLoyd, Decker, DT, Stokes, Dressen, Tamme, or a RB. IMO we would be dangerous.
    As many have said - BMarsh as much as I think we all loved him in big plays etc, he was as said at the time a player that required too much attention for what he was worth and he is inconsistent, and the trade was right.

    Then to BLloyd - I would have loved to keep him, but I suspect that had we kept BLloyd who accounted for roughly 40% of Tebow's pass production in the 3½ games they played together, Tebow likely would have looked better to all and BLloyd might then have been the reason not to get Peyton Manning. Where Peyton is exceptional is in making the receivers better. Peyton does not seem to need many magic catches but TT would benefit from that more than most QBs.

    So, no though BLloyd is great I think we are sitting pretty right now