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Broncos vs Colts playoff Scenario?

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    Originally posted by broncolassiter View Post
    Colts have a very good chance of getting the last Wild card. Pittsburgh should get one and the only other teams with half a chance are Miami, SD & Indy. Miami & SD are 4-4, so a playoff spot for them are slim. Pittsburgh is 5-3 and are getting hot, Indy is 6-3 with some tough games in the second half, they travel to NE on 11/18 and still have teams like Detroit on the road and Huston twice. I see Indy dropping 4 of the next 7 and finishing with a 9-7 record, just making it in with the 6th seed.

    We have a shot at the second seed, we just need to win one more game than NE does over the next 8. NE has home games with Huston and San Francisco, where as we have a road game with Baltimore in week 15. One loss for us between now and the end of the season would most likely drop us to the 3rd seed as I don't see NE loosing both of those games, however they have lost to lesser teams, so anything is possible.
    Very possible NE can lose both of those games. Some reason the Baltimore game does't scare me that much mainly cause PM knows how to beat those guys. I still think we get the 2 seed or 3 seed so playing the colts is not out of the picture


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      We will find out where the Colts are really at after they play New England next week.

      Sure they beat the Packers who were not themselves back then but the reality is that they have won close games against a lesser schedule than a team like the Broncos. They are also playing inspired football but that doesn't mean they are a playoff team just yet.