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Who do you think are the most overrated/underrated players on our roster?

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    OR - Julius Thomas, Andre Caldwell, Nate Irving (guys who have never contributed anything in the nfl should never have their own threads, outside of preseason/tc).

    UR - Vickerson, Ayers, Beadles, DJ, DT (people still whine about his route running and compare him to Dez), Manning (everybody says Manning being Manning, but never talk about his improvement when things break down in the pocket and how he has adapted to #1 and #2 receivers that are completely different from what he had in Indy).
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      Originally posted by FL BRONCO View Post
      Wow great comeback There are plenty of examples in past threads of what is imo the overrating of each of these guys. Heck some around here think Moreno is the best back on the roster and others think that McCoy is just a genius while others had Caldwell Starting and Stokes not on the team. I personally think they are all overrated by some around here. Now if you actually want to discuss that ok. Otherwise
      Wow! You really take these over/underrated threads seriously.

      How about this? The title of this thread is "Who do you think are the most overrated/underrated players on our roster?" :paper:

      So, McCoy isn't a player and he isn't on our roster, therefore you can't list him.
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        Originally posted by DenverBlood View Post
        Agreed. If anything based on the opinions of this thread he is now largely underrated. It's like if he doesn't get a sack on every single dropback then he is overrated and not doing his job. Give me a break people.

        I'd CP you but I'm tapped out.
        I don't think it's that, for one I don't think doom is the same guy he was that 17.5 season he had but also we get blinded cause Von miller is maybe the most explosive defensive player in the league and to be honest he makes doom not look as good cause he's so good
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          Why do so many people think doom is over rated? He has been in on a ton of plays and take away the New England game has not given up anything big. What else do you want from a starting DE? Doom is a pass rushing specialist and his ability to get the the quarterback or at the very least draw a double team on passing downs helps the rest of the D look even better.