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    Originally posted by samparnell View Post
    There will be some cold weather teams in the AFC playoffs. Running the ball, stopping the run and having a good kicking game will also be important.

    Mike Ditka had a cool Tom Landry quote yesterday, "Rushing the passer is a reward for stopping the run." The Broncos had seven sacks yesterday, but their run D was just as impressive.
    Sure stopping the run is important but if the team you're playing against is running on you, you haven't put up enough points.

    Which is where the elite QB comes into play.


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      In terms of physical toughness and attitude, this Broncos team is by far our toughest since 2005.

      Vickerson - A mammoth of a dude who I'm glad has found a place on this defense. Gets up in your face and talks about yo momma after he manhandles you.
      WW - Loud and proud, plays with a chip on his shoulder. Intense. Chippy.
      Von Miller - A physical specimen who takes it upon himself to completely demoralize opposing OL
      Derek Wolfe - Motor never stops running. Production is average, but his presence is felt.
      Chris Harris, Tony Carter - Chippy guys with short memories
      Rahim Moore- despite being known as a ball hawk in college, has played more like an in-the-box safety in terms of production at this point. Loves to hit guys.

      And these are just the guys who have seen increased roles in the last year. We still have blue-collar guys like Beadles, Franklin, Kuper, Bannan, Unrein, Champ. Hell, we have a WR (Thomas) who blocks better than any of our TEs not named Virgil Green.

      You don't want a team full of dirty players. But you want toughness and confidence and swagger. I think we have that. This team is like night and day from 2010.