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Ultimate Tebow Highlight Video (Must See)

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    By the way love the Pantera theme with the highlights.

    Really sets the mood and goes with the ground and pound offense.


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      Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
      And let's not forget Airforce's version of the wishbone, the flexbone.

      Remember when Marv Levy was HC of the Chiefs in the late 70s? What did he run for that year? Wasn't it the veer? That was the only time in my lifetime watching pro football I can recall any team doing anything close to what we did last year.
      I would need to see it again to be sure, but I think it was Full House T and Wing-T. Great stuff.

      The best book on Full House T was Leahy's. Frank Tripucka was one of his QBs.

      There's a ton of stuff on Wing-T. That formation takes one of the HBs from the Full T and puts him either at Wing or Slot. Wing-T was very ubiquitous at the HS level. Wing-T was invented by Harold "Tubby" Raymond at Delaware. At the HS level their plays were Trap, Sweep, Counter, Boot.
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        Originally posted by samparnell View Post
        Acquiring Manning and trading Tebow was brilliant on ElFox's part. That doesn't erase 2011 though.
        Sam gets it..



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          Hey, Dlhalverson:

          How about this instead? May not be Broncos highlights, but he is our QB now.

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            Why people let a name send them into such a fuss. This is a broncos highlight reel from last year featuring our QB at the time.

            It is now part of Broncos history. Watch the highlights or not, it's that simple.


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              My favorite Tebow highlight covered the Raiders game when Tebow was first let loose with the option to music let me clear my throat -dj kool. When I looked for it recently it was taken down.


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                Originally posted by Dlhalverson View Post
                The BEST Tebow highlight videos with Pantera as the music to all three vids. No doubt we could not be happier with Peyton, but Tebow delivered the most magical 8-8 season of all time and ill never forget it.

                The music gave me a headache. Other than that, nicely done.
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