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I just hope we avoid NE in the playoffs ! !

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    Originally posted by NYColt View Post
    I'm all for playing anyone but them - those TE stats vs the Denver D, if projected over the length of a season would equate to one of the best TE seasons in history if it was one player.

    I have no problem with avoiding a good team - in 06 when the Colts won it all, they did so because the over-achieving Pats that year upset San Diego (14-2 and seemingly unstoppable that year) in San Diego. Given Peyton's struggles against SD and given that was the SD team at peak strength I'm not sure we win the Superbowl that year (frankly I don't care because I feel like 05 was our year but for circumstances eg Dungy's son dying, an entire month of rust etc)

    I don't believe in the whole "you beat the best to be the best" when it comes to winning the Superbowl nor do I believe that the team that wins the Superbowl is automatically the best - that's what makes football a grand sport, because anyone can win any given day
    I tell you what, you're right. The SB championship doesn't mean you have the best team. But it certainly is more satisfying to win AND be the best than to sneak in because a better team got eliminated. So even though I agree, I never think that playing any opponent is a bad thing.
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      Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
      In the end, you have to beat the best to be the best. I hope we meet the Patriots again, with our offense showing better chemistry and our defense playing much better football. They ruined our playoff run last season and ran with another win this season. And the little guy that did his best to ruin this franchise is there, calling their plays on offense. I hope we meet them again, and I hope we get a win with Peyton Manning punting the ball.

      hahahahahaha. could you imagine?!?!?!


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        Originally posted by Preetv View Post
        Wait...why wouldn't I use Peyton's record though? I mean he was the one that was running the offense in Indy and he's doing that here..with better people around him and on the defense. Why wouldn't I use it? Broncos are a different team now...PEYTON MANNING is the qb not tebow or orton. There is a I should be able to quote his record wth.

        I watched the texans play last season...and all the seasons before that cause being a Colts fan I'm used to seeing them a lot..I don't see them as a different team. But that is obviously my opinion. Like I've said before to each their own and if you wanna pretty much ratify every statement I make...that's on you. I'm not the only one that uses Peyton's record around here...but you are obviously talking to me like I'm stupid. So your opinion is justified but mine isn't? Oh right okay got it.

        SMH I'm gonna just shut my mouth till the post season. Some of you are just on one.
        How can you possibly not see a team whose defense went from one of the worst to one of the best under Wade Phillips as a different team? You cited their terrible record against Peyton, ignoring, for some reason, the fact that they just beat the Broncos with him.

        QB records against teams from 5 seasons back are just stupid × 2. 1. Its a team sport and Peyton is not the Broncos. His record with the Colts against our opponents is meaningless, since he is not the one returning kicks and sacking QBs. 2. This isn't the 1980s. Teams change too much year over year for a win against a 5 year old squad to be relevant.

        You came in here dropping prognostications and using flimsy logic and non-sequiteurs. If you had just said "Peyton's #1!" I would have no argument.
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        "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"