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    Originally posted by Manning2BayBay View Post
    is any one going to this game?

    i;m thinking about it, and not sure how the fans are, if any broncos fans will go and how the weather is- open/closed stadium?
    I'll be there, and have been there the past few years that they've played in M&T Bank Stadium. I go rocking orange Broncos gear every year, and have never had a problem with the fans. There are always a decent number of Broncos fans in attendance. Baltimore is a dedicated football city though, so the seats are EXPENSIVE!! I dropped $500 on two seats, lower level, 40 yard line.

    December 16th happens to be my Dad's bday though, and he is the reason I'm a Broncos fan, so it was a small price to pay for an awesome birthday present. I'd love to finally see a Broncos win though, because I have only seen losses when the Broncos play the Ravens AND Skins here in sunny Maryland.


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      This one game at a time crap is silly. WE ARE FANS. What does our looking past an opponent matter at all?


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        I look at one game at a time.

        The injury factor comes into mind first and foremost. Now.... we all hope and pray for our guys each and every week, but sometimes things happen that affects a team. We've been pretty fortunate this year but others have not. Let's be Thankful on this Thanksgiving Day that we are one of the fortunate ones.

        As a unit, I believe our entire squad has gained confidence and experience working with each other from the vets to the rookies and it's showing. Are we a perfect team? No... there's work to be done to become even more elite.

        But I believe this Ravens/Broncos game will be flexed to Sunday Night come kickoff.
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          I was thinking that the Ravens would be our toughest game, but after looking at their stats, they could be a cake walk. The only time we could not beat them is with noodle arm Orton as our QB. I know the last time we did win was with Plumber as the QB, but we only played them twice since and Orton was QB (2009 & 2010). Peyton Manning is miles ahead of Orton.


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            To anyone interested in going to the game in Baltimore, I'll give what advice I have. As said before, they have good fans and really bad ones. Most fans love their team, but Ravens fans are somewhat ridiculously obssessed with them. They think every player they have is the best at their position and will argue to the death. Someone almost bet me that we wouldn't score a touchdown, that's how crazy they are.

            With that being said, just be careful. They have some great fans as well, but if you're sitting upper level,that's where the real crazies are that will be drunk before the game even starts. I'm not saying don't cheer or don't wear your jersey, but if you've got not so good seats and we're winning, don't get crazy,lol. I always wear my jersey to games, but I sit in a decent area and I'm not screaming in peoples face when we score. That wouldn't be a good idea in BMore.