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    Originally posted by MNBroncs85 View Post
    Lol. Im just saying i think the hit was cheap after watching the replay. And NO champ wraps guys up with his arms and body he doesnt throw his head into someones knee.
    Champ dive tackles like that literally every game


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      Originally posted by MNBroncs85 View Post
      And Trust me i love the hard its. Dont get me wrong. Im all for it. I just see a guy break off a block and throw his helmet into WM's knee, i didnt like it.
      Really sick of people telling me thats how champ tackles because its not.
      Yes it is.


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        Originally posted by Lomax View Post
        Well your mind won't be changed. But Champ does launch his shoulder at a runner's legs when he's out of position to wrap tackle. He did this just two games ago when he upended the receiver in Carolina (I believe).
        He did it to Ryan Matthews last year. The ball came out, but I'm not sure if it was a fumble or not. When Champ squares up, he's going low every time. Champ rarely tackles high, when he does, he's usually running them down from the side or from behind.


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          Quentin Jammer’s contract with the Broncos gets Denver a good price

          The contract details are in on new Broncos’ cornerback Quentin Jammer.

          Basically, if the 12-year defensive backs makes the team he’ll make $1.1 million. If he makes the team and has a really nice year, he can make $1.5 million.

          The one-year deal: $1 million base salary; $50,000 workout bonus; $50,000 roster bonus if he’s on the roster for one game; and $400,000 worth of incentives mostly tied to playing time.

          For Jammer, it beats the vet minimum deal of a $940,000 salary plus $65,000 in bonuses, but not by much.

          Jammer, who will turn 34 in two weeks, is a cornerback by trade but is learning the safety position with the Broncos. He’ll get the $50,000 workout bonus once the Broncos’ minicamp ends June 13.