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    I think it is a big deal winning the division for real this year, unlike backing in last year! And getting the hat etc. Is great! Congrats to THE BRONCOS!


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      Originally posted by flosstein View Post
      Last year and this year are the first 2 seasons I have ever bought them. I don't wear them personally. They are just memorabilia for my Bronco room. Which is why I want to get all shirts. Division, Conference, and SB's, I want all the goofy memorabilia that I can both afford and get my hands on. And u know winning the AFCW is a big deal, it's another notch in the belt of Bronco accomplishment. But it is only the first step, where we take it from here is another story.
      That is what a GREAT FAN does! Enjoy!


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        Originally posted by VADER72 View Post
        I normally don't bother with Div champ stuff, but I bought the champions hat because this is feeling like a special season. Last time I bought a div champs hat was in '97. Look how that turned out.
        I see what you did there, and I like it!!

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          Not buying any of it, but I won't bash or foo foo those that do.

          It was awesome to witness, but it's not the one we want.

          Hooray, beer!


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            Originally posted by VADER72 View Post
            This is exactly why I ordered it, it goes with my momentous from this season. I have two professionally framed picture of Manning and one really good one I took at TC. I have a few of the sports sections from the post, the SI cover, game programs, etc..and of course my Elite Manning Jersey.

            It's not often you get a Hall of fame stud of a QB and the whole team playing to his level, so im enjoying it now knowing we only have 2-4 years of Peyton. So I grabbed my hat to remember the first step in I hope a AFC & SB champs hat. No I didn't buy last years, not the same feeling when you barely get in the playoffs and back in. Plus it only cost me $9.98. Gotta love promo codes on the net.
            Umm care to share this promo code?