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Deion Sanders against the Broncos

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  • Deion Sanders against the Broncos

    I was watching nfl network before and after the game and i noticed that Deion Sanders is not a believer in the Denver Broncos.At first he talked about our run game saying it was not good.Then he went on to say after the game he can't wait until we play the Ravens,saying we can't take the physicality of the game against Baltimore.He looked very stone faced after the game,hoping we would have lost.Is he not a believer in Manning and the Denver Broncos team?

    Note: If we beat the Steelers twice,which is a physical team,how come we can't beat the Ravens.

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    For the past 5 years he's been steadily against us. Rarely has a good thing to say, ESPECIALLY when we play the Raiders. Certified Denver hater. Yes we haven't been all that good the past 5 years but when we play the chargers he can't stop talking about how super the san diego super chargers are. Same with the Raiders, same with the Chiefs. He just plain doesn't like the Broncos. I have never seen a player turned analyst slurp the Al Davis kool aid more than Deion.
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      I think he has some kind of blind hate towards the broncos. He seems like he always talks against them no matter what


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        He has always hated on the Colts and Peyton.. If he somehow has a problem with Broncos as well, no wonder he is hating this combination.


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          He has more hate towards Peyton Manning. Did you ever listen to him all those years the Colts were winning football games?

          When Manning threw a touchdown, and someone on NFL Network described the play, he'd chime in with something like:

          "Wow...defender totally fell asleep there," or, "That's just bad defense..."

          Or my favorite:

          "Yeah, but Manning's only Super Bowl came against Rex Grossman."

          The latter one completely ignores the fact that the Bears had the #1 defense, Devon Hester at his best, and the game was in a monsoon.
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            Yup, like some have said, Dieon hates Peyton and the colts. Dieon got caught behind on a PR that would have gone for a TD by a colt, and Peyton burned him on a pass to harrison for a TD. I don't know about dieon's past with the broncos, but he certainly doesnt like them that much now since they have Peyton.


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              Every analyst is perceivably hanging from the Broncos sack so why does it matter when one of the many doesn't?


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                Well, they didn't look too impressive tonight, and the run game w/o Willis is still a little bit of a concern.

                We'll see next week what happens.


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                  Its very obvious he looks like he don't like Manning and the Broncos organization.He gives his favorite players props like RG111 and Cam.He needs to give credit when credit is due,we won the game.How many wins in a row is it gonna take before he has something positive to say?


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                    oh wow, forgot about that. Deion doesn't shut up about Cam. Deion pretty much only latches to highly athletic primadonnas. See: Everyone he's mentored the past 10 years. Some classic examples: Pacman Jones, Dez Bryant...etc


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                      Put Keyshawn on that list.....
                      I support Kaepernick 100%


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                        ya, it seems like he has always hated on the broncos. i actually was cursing at the television everytime they asked him something about the broncos because it seemed like he had nothing but negative things to say about us. sickening really but w/e let him think what he wants, he was a good player but he has nothing on champ. probably where is hatred comes from, (jealousy of champ bailey) xD


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                          Only time I've heard Sanders say anything positive about the Broncos was about Tebow...what does that say?


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                            Originally posted by ERoyal248 View Post
                            Well, they didn't look too impressive tonight, and the run game w/o Willis is still a little bit of a concern.

                            We'll see next week what happens.
                            Really? They dominated the entire way, beat the spread, and were nearly perfect as far as offensive balance is concerned (36 passes to 39 runs). Moreno went over 100, Manning over 300, and the defense held McFadden to virtually nothing - one 36 yard run accounted for basically all of his stats. Palmer needed a 56 yard pass in all but garbage time to put up decent numbers himself.

                            The offense moved the ball well, but did have some trouble getting touchdowns over FG's. Still not all their fault. The Raiders D stepped up in the red zone. Manning's pick wasn't his fault either - he got hit in the arm as he threw it, and the Raiders defender made a ridiculous diving grab.

                            This team is going to stop opposing offenses more often than not, get good field position with great Special Teams, and eat up clock while scoring with Peyton Manning.

                            Considering they did what they did on a short week, against a rival, on the road, it was pretty impressive. Now they get 10 days off to rest and prep for a banged up Ravens team? Yes please.


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                              He's a clown that's the only reason why the NFL even hired him.

                              Obviously they didn't hire him for his analysis.

                              Never forget.
                              Team Broncos!
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