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Reddit Broncos fan photoshops alternate away uni's

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    Some awesome looks there!
    Come On You Blues! GO BRONCOS!


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      I've thought for the past two years denver needed to do an orange stripe on the side, the blue accents and lining the stripe was given in the photoshoped pics was literally exactly what I was thinking. And for those same two years in my Denver Broncos Madden Franchise i almost always use the blue pants (the stripes don't match up, gottn to the point where it doesn't bug me.) BUT, having them actually DO the orange stripe top and bottom I'd be happier than a fat kid in a candy store. Wasn't it kind of implied by Nike that the Seahawks new jersey's this year were just the tip of the ice berg, which i took it to mean more and more uniforms will be getting altered. I mean who know's Nike may already have a portfolio FULL of options for each team. I also remember some new uni designs got leaked as being the actual new jersey ideas from Nike and I believe that was just not true. Anything new on that?? I mean who knows, MAYBE(hopefullyhopefullyhopefullycrossingmyfingers andmytoesandmylegsandmyarms) Nike has a portfolio full of badass possabilites for our dear Denver Broncos.
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