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    Whether you use prevent or not depends on who you are playing. If it's NE, once you give them the momentum it is hard to get it back, and NE can score quickly and often. I wouldn't go prevent against NE unless you have a 35 point lead and 5 minutes to play. Personally I wouldn't recommend it and would opt for putting in a few second stringers while trying to keep up the pressure.


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      Originally posted by LegionOfVonDoom View Post
      This is the thing, after watching NE almost win last night. Do you think Denver will take the foot of the pedal in the playoffs and play conservative? I don't, this is regular season and you do not want to get players injured. The playoffs is another monster and any team can come back and you put the foot to pedal and drive it down their throats.
      We ran into a Bucs team that was averaging over 30+ points for 4 straight games,granted we stop them until the 4th quarter,so yes I believe Fox will put the foot off the gas,when we play the Patriots or Texans once we have a big lead....Its in his nature to do it..

      Originally posted by #87Birdman View Post
      but couldn't the same be said if we go all out and keep throwing bombs and Manning gets injured wouldn't you be one of the first on here saying why weren't we conservative with such a huge lead. Regardless of what you do people will find a say to complain and playing what if games get nothing accomplished, because the only thing I have seen is we get a lead and we have kept it.

      So a win is a win and I haven't seen us blow a lead late in the game with the conservative apporach.
      Im not talking about throw long passes,if a certain game plan is working they should stick to it instead of running the ball for three straight plays....If the runs are working then fine but obviously the Patriots and Texas are going to take that way to get the ball back...Look what happened to the 49ers,last night...They got conservative and allow the Patriots to come back,because they didnt mix it up....

      As soon as the Patriots tied the game up,they went back to what worked for them...Which was running the ball and throwing short get them off their feet
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        I hate prevent defense or soft zone or what ever you want to call it. I do not see how playing prevent or soft zone chews up clock time like those have stated above. All it does is allow receivers to get wide open and make plays and some of them are big plays.

        Playing prevent does nothing to chew up the clock when you allow the other team to march right down the field to score. You may get a few stops in bounds but most plays they do get out of bounds and it stops the clock. We have not given up a long TD pass since we got our secondary working together back in week 5.

        There is also talk about how your players do not get injured. Is there some proof to the statement that players get hurt less playing zone or prevent over your regular man on man or whatever else you are running? I would think that in zone or prevent your chances of getting injured would be greater since there is more space and the hits are usually harder.

        I can understand running the ball to chew up the clock when we have the ball but prevent defense in my mind does not eat up the clock and is an antiquated method of playing defense.
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          It wasn't the defense the Broncos were playing yesterday that allowed the 2 TDs, the first was helped with a bad call from the refs, and the second was bad tackling, prevent defense doesn't work if you can't tackle.

          The comeback in the 49ers game was because of the speed the Pats were running their offense at, the defense got gassed because the offense couldn't sustain a drive, and the Pats were running at warp speed. The pass rush disappeared and Brady had all day to sit back there and pick them apart.

          A "prevent" defense, just like any other defense, will only work if the offense can sustain a few drives, if they go 3 and out every time any defense in the NFL is going to get tired and give up points, especially with the other team running a hurry up offense on every play.

          If the 49ers were able to get a long drive going, like the Broncos were able to do, they would've easily won that game by a similar score, and not had to fight for it at the end. That really shows the difference between the Broncos and the 49ers, when the Broncos needed a long drive, they got it.


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            Thanks everyone. I learned a lot reading all this. Appreciate the time you took to answer my question so thoroughly. Go Broncos.
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              I am not a big fan of "prevent D", but I do understand it if you can not afford to have a quick score against you. If you've ever seen a team give up a long TD, in a game they controlled, you may appreciate why some form of prevent is in place, to make the opponent use up another minute or two to move it downfield for the points. If for example you have a 2 score lead, and they have little time and no time outs left, why not keep them in front of you, and hopefully in bounds. Sure, it probably means they will complete some passes more easily, but if they are of the shorter variety and in bounds, those plays will eat the clock very quickly.

              But overall, I would never play prevent until late in the game, and only if the score and time make it a convincing argument.


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                Originally posted by FooserX View Post
                The only thing the Prevent defense does is Prevent you from winning!

                It's awful. I can see using it in the last minute or two with a lead, but it's way too easy for a good QB to pick it apart and march up the field. Stupid "old school" logic. Just like running the ball 1.4 yards everytime straight into a stacked box, just to eat up clock.

                Nah, it just looks like it because to the casual watcher who turns on ESPN and sees a 31- 24 game he thinks it was closer then it was. He doesn't see the garbage time points after it was 31- 10.

                Originally posted by samparnell View Post
                It's a cliche.
                Point and win, IMO.

                Originally posted by southern cross View Post

                And avoid any senseless injuries to the players if possible.
                I'd like to think that is the case too. But I'd love to see if there is any truth in it.
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                  Originally posted by Lomax View Post
                  The more deep zones you have, the better protected you are against downfield strikes. The more deep zones (dont break), the fewer defenders are playing the short and intermediate passing game (bend). Cover 3 or 4 (especially cover 4) will give up some stuff to the sidelines and underneath but "prevent" a quick hit over the top. So you can't do both unless you can sneak a 12th man on the field.
                  I understand the concept, but prevent defense is a solution against an offense that has time to strike over the top. Flacco was on his butt all day until we backed off. His protection wasn't going to get any better. The Ravens were more likely to throw downfield when we were in prevent it just doesn't make sense to me with the type of defense we have.


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                    When you keep a team which is trying to come from way behind, and which has no time outs from going out-of-bounds ... nevermind; it must be too complicated a concept.
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