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Has Zane Beadles turned a corner?

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    Originally posted by ebsoria View Post
    Like a Mac truck!!!!!
    I was gonna go with "Like a GE locamotive..." Mac truck works though


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      Originally posted by Uglybass View Post
      Beadles has always been a zone blocking guy in the same vein as Mark Shlereth, but he was drafted by Mcdaniels for his stupid power blocking scheme, which never made sense to me. Now that the Broncos are back to running that similar zone block scheme, he is doing great. The o-line looked much worse last year than they actually were because Tebow held on to the ball forever, but now that Manning actually maneuvers the pocket well and gets rid of the ball quickly, he can do the things he does best like pulls and double teaming the biggins. He can use a good back up definitely, but he doesn't need to be replaced at all.
      The Broncos O-Line actually uses all forms of blocking. Zone blocking starts with zone steps. The Zone Stretch Series was the basis of Shanahan's rushing attack. However, that system is limited if relied on exclusively. Zone blocking was used by Vince Lombardi. He called it Do-Dad Blocking. Zone Blocking is the basis of Veer and other Option offenses.

      Some may call it Power Blocking. Some coaches have called it Angle Blocking. I call it Assignment Blocking because it is repped against different fronts with each lineman having an assignment. When you see Zane Beadles or any of the other Bronco O-Linemen pull, it isn't Zone Blocking. Pulls are usually accompanied by down, double down, double down chip.

      Dave Magazu is a great line coach and he uses all possible blocks and blocking schemes including influence and release to the second level.
      "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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        Originally posted by lvbronx View Post
        I would like to see us upgrade the LG position on the offseason. It isn't that Beadles is a bad player, and he has improved quite a bit. It's that I want a better LG and believe the best way to have quality depth is to replace a starter. IMO, we'd be in great shape next year if we had both Beadles and Walton coming off the bench, and Beadles would be a geat utility backup OL.
        Originally posted by crash123go View Post
        Anybody who thinks we need a upgrade at LG needs to step away from madden and watch beadles play. I too was one calling for him to be replaced but he is having his best year yet. There is only one thing he struggles at and that's one on one with big power rushing NT and even that he has improved on, he is one of the best double team/pulling guards in the league, zone guards always have trouble with big athletic NT. I honestly believe that beadles/clady are the best left side in football.
        And anyone who thinks I said "need to replace" needs Hooked On Phonics. I knew when I wrote that someone would take it totally out of context.

        I never said Beatles "needs" to be replaced. And I pointed out I didn't think he was a bad player. My point was simple, when looking to upgrade the Offense, every position should be looked at. And, LG is a position that could be upgraded. Of the 5 OL positions, IMO LG is the weakest. Sure, Beadles is a good pulling guard, but he isn't the best in short yardage.

        I never said it would be easy to find a player to replace Beadles at LG, only that I would look into finding a better LG.

        Last draft De Castro was drafted by Pitsburgh one pick before us. I heard Elway comment we probably would have drafted De Castro had he not been drafted a pick before and liekly wouldn't have traded down. This is what I'm talking about. If the opportunity arises to get a better player, we should look into it.

        Now, which players/positions on Offense do you think we should try to upgrade in the off-season? I would try to upgrade McGahee and see if we can't find an improvement over Decker. Again, I don't think either McGahee or Decker is a bad player by any means...But I would look to see if we can find better players in those positions, if the price is right.


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          Originally posted by 86Elwayfan View Post
          I was gonna go with "Like a GE locamotive..." Mac truck works though
          You mean...THE BEADLES BULLDOZER!


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            Dude's Got a Brain Too

            As a Wyoming Cowboy fan I remember Beadles from his days at Utah in the Mountain West conference. He was a daunting opponent then and I had high hopes for him with the Broncos. Yes, I was a little worried his first two seasons, but agree that he's turning a corner now. If his football career comes to an early end he can always fall back on his mecanical engineering degree.


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              Another demonstration that yes, some players need maturation and development. Not everybody can be RG3.


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                Zane "the Lane" Beadles. Keep on truckin' Zane!!!.