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    Originally posted by muse View Post
    I disagree with that - for one, "running up the score" doesn't apply in cricket

    In rugby, there are things that simply aren't done - if your team has a comfortable lead and, in the relevant leagues, have a four-try bonus point, you rarely see teams actively attempting to pile on points: that is, if that team gets a penalty in the 22, they're not going to go for the try; rarely will you see aggressive tactics such as cross-field kicks, extensive set piece moves etc. You'll also see substitution of the better players which, ultimately, benefits both teams.

    Running up the score isn't such a problem, it's the manner in which it's done. If the losing team can't stop repeated runs up the middle then, well, that's their own fault. However, using deliberately aggressive tactics (such as a fake punt on 4th down/going for it on 4th down) is, to me, uncool.
    I don't follow Rugby much but on the Sky Sports scores I have seen some big lop-sided scores, especially in the NRL.

    In Football teams run up the score every week. What about Man U winning 8-2 at home to Arsenal a year ago. They kept their best players on and their was no talk of stopping at 5-2.

    You obviously do not understand the cricket sense of running up the score. I have seen teams get to a 350-400 lead with plenty of time in the match yet carry on batting and keeping the other team in the field until they are bowled out. Even setting teams over 500-550. Even though in history only 1-2 teams have chased over 400 to win.

    Both teams are there to play the game until the final whistle. If a team wants to slow down then fine, if they don't then they don't have too.

    Frankly if a team slowed down on us because we were too pathetic to stop them I would find that much more embarrassing.

    Also, SF had a 28 point 2nd half lead on Monday and almost lost. THATS why you don't slow down


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      Oh yeah let's try fake punts up 30 like Seattle and punt the ball with our QB like the Pats...That will show everyone how good we are

      *sarcasm off*

      Are you serious with this nonsense? Are we so desperate to complain that we resort to this? First, the 49ers did not "take their foot off the gas." They are a run oriented offense and they were just doing what they do best. Pats were able to come back largely due to Justin Smith getting hurt.

      Second, Denver was still throwing the ball late in the game against the Ravens! We were running the ball most of the time because IT WAS WORKING! Even if we did put up 50 against the Ravens what would have been the point?

      This is not college football and point differentials do not matter. Wouldn't you rather Peyton and company have a few tricks left up their sleeves for the playoffs?

      Go Broncos


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        Originally posted by jbrewer View Post
        Being to conservative against teams like NE will be a disaster. 60 mins of football should be played hard. These are professional football players. Comebacks happen all the time.
        I wouldn't worry about that. Odds are the Broncos won't have a 28 point lead against the Patriots and therefore won't be able to play conservative.


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          I find it interesting Americans think differently to people from other parts of the world. I love it when a team puts up 50 in the NFL. They take it seriously for the whole 60 minutes. If it's against my team, then it's up to us to stop them. It should serve as a bitter reminder if a team gives us a hiding so we don't let it happen again.

          In our 4-12 season, teams were beating us hard and didn't give up so why should we take our foot off the pedal? Make points differential a higher value than head to head then you'll see teams more often than not run up the score.


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            The run, run, run and punt play style against the Pats in the playoffs isn't going to work out well. They better have a 40pnt lead in the 3rd if they want to do that.

            Why they don't play the same aggressive style through the entire game is beyond me.
            Superbowl 50 Champs!