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David Bruton!!

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    I hope he improve a lot, I always like the unberdogs.


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      Yes key words, special teams. Props to Bruton as a special teamer. As a safety, yuck:


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        Originally posted by Brohemoth View Post
        Yes key words, special teams. Props to Bruton as a special teamer. As a safety, yuck:

        Yea he's worthless....It's a good thing people can never improve in their careers ever or we might have to deal with him being a decent player someday....


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          Superior athlete.

          As I recall, JDR made the comparison to Wesley Woodyard in that one season he's a ST ace and the next, he's performing on D like an All Pro.

          It must be a pleasure for our players to come to this preseason already knowing exactly what's expected of them and getting to work on 'the finer points' - finally there is not going to be any wasted time acclimating to a new system

          Of course this benefits all returning players on D. But it give those players who don't latch on philosophically as quickly that fair chance to really compete. I'm not saying this is the case of Bruton but it could be.

          I'm just comforted to see JDR still coaching our D this season. Gives me a warm feeling in stomach lol. May our best players rule the depth chart. I have a feeling JDR wants to make a statement this season - and our Broncos might have the talent to make that happen.
          The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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            I've always liked Bruton who would be a starter because of his ability to be a decent man up safety if he could only tackle better but he has improved every year. I've never seen a Denver team that has competition at every single position. We may be one of the only teams that really has all out competition outside of 5-6 positions who are set in stone
            A healthy Kenneth Dixon is a top 5 NFL RB.


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              It would be great to have a safety that athletic roaming the secondary. Adams is solid if unspectacular, but it would be nice if Bruton, Quinton Carter, or even Jammer step up and take his spot.