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Don't Overlook the Cleveland Browns

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    Yeah. 12-3 sounds good .


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      Originally posted by kevlar441 View Post
      Do you have to come to EVERY thread with some sort of attitude?

      Of course Sam knows he is talking to "fans". If you stick around these boards for a few more "days", you may come to learn that Sam is a former coach who knows more about football than the vast majority of us put together! He was obviously speaking to "fans" expectations.

      These boards are full of fans thinking playoffs, seeding and Patriots.

      "why are they saying we should be scared of a team?"

      Odd that I remember a certain poster who started a thread warning that this team "will lose another game"! There was even an idiotic poll asking which game "it had to be" WITHOUT the option for NONE.

      DOES THAT SOUND AT ALL FAMILIAR TO YOU? Take a good long look at the thread YOU started!

      LINK: The Broncos Will Lose 1 More Game...

      (Maybe Sam is simply picking Cleveland out of the only two options left to him now, given YOUR premise.)

      Here is what you said: "I could see the Broncos dropping a game against Kansas City, or at Oakland." - DOOGANSQUEST.

      Though he didn't actually pick it, I like Sam's option better.

      This made my day!

      And I just know that somewhere in this world there is a die hard Browns fan still clutching on to the past thinking that this is a must win game for Cleveland, and that there is still a score to be settled for losing the 1987 AFC Championship Game to Elway and THE DRIVE...


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        Where are my DOG BISCUITS, I am feeling hungry.
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          broncos win big ...we can all see brock play in 4th Q..


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            Originally posted by eddieroyal View Post
            broncos win big ...we can all see brock play in 4th Q..
            Ya think?

            We'll see.
            "Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes." ~ Publilius Syrus


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              Denver 70
              Browns 3
              I support Kaepernick 100%


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                Originally posted by Charlie Brown View Post
                Cleveland has a better shot of making the playoffs than they do of beating the Broncos.

                Oh wait, they were just eliminated from the playoffs. Enough said.
                I like how you said that!

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