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McGahee trade value?

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    Wow, Moreno has two good games and you guys are ready to trade away the previous starting RB that got hurt. Doesn't make much sense to me even if Moreno takes the starting job away from him. He is a good back that could certainly fill in at a high level and you guys just want to trade or let him go?

    I would rather have McGahee on the roster instead of Ball.

    The real question should be can Moreno keep up the expectations that all of you have placed on him. I hope he can and than we will have two good RB's.
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      From what I've seen during his playing time this season, he's a guy with a great attitude who never quits on the play.

      Willis and Peyton seem to have developed a rapport together. I can also imagine that Peyton feels comfortable with Willis beside or behind him. He knows that Willis will pick up on his block as needed.

      Maybe that's why it took a bit for Peyton and Knowshon to get on the same page when he came in the game. He did miss a few key blocks, and Peyton was not happy. Peyton's comfort means a lot in this offense, and so far this season, he's been comfortable with Willis---fumbles aside. He seems to also be getting more comfortable with Knowshon lately, too.


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        Originally posted by Jayrllo67 View Post
        Considering that Knowshon has been playing significantly well and if he continues to do so during the playoffs, do we trade Willis? I know his trade value won't be so high coming off an injury but if he does get reactivated in the playoffs and shows strong signs of his downhill hard running, should we make this move in the off-season to a team like the Jets (just like how they got L.T. from the chargers in the latter part of his career)? I am in no means comparing Willis to L.T., but just the similar stages of the latter part of their careers.

        Hopefully, we can thrive off a duo emergence of Knowshon/Ronnie and possibly get a 4/5th round draft pick for Willis, why not?

        Knowshon has played well, but he is not playing as well as McGahee was. Listen Knowshon had good games against the Ravens and Raiders. They are in the bottom 3rd in the NFL in rush defense.

        Look at Knowshon's stats. Baltimore 22 for 118 yards; Oakland 32 carries for 119 yards

        Look at McGahee's stats against simialr type opponents. Atlanta 22 for 113; Oakland 19 for 112; Saints 23 for 122.

        McGahee has out performed him. Now that is not saying Knowshon isn't doing a good job it is jjust saying that Denver still very much needs McGahee and Knowshon will compliment him well.

        McGahee also did his running earlier in the season before the offense started clicking on all cylinders.