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    Threaten to cut one finger off of Hollidays hands each time he fumbles.
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      How do u mention stats but leave out the fact that he has more punt return yards than anyone in the league! Or that he's top 10 in avg yards per punt return or that he's one of like 3 players to run both a punt and kickoff back for a TD. He has 1 lost fumble, relax!


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        Originally posted by Lomax View Post
        I think we need everything we can get against playoff-calibur teams, lest you forget we are 1-3 against the other playoff teams. That means we need the best STs unit we can field, including the potential to run back punts.

        That doesn't mean you play stupid. If we need to protect a lead late, I'm fine with getting Leonhard back there to fair catch it.
        i'm sorry but the win/loss record at the start of the year means nothing to me because the team was building chemistry on offense and dialing up the defense as well. The bottom line is that if you turn the ball over in the playoffs on special teams, you are likely going to lose. It's that simple.. Fox obviously saw it as an issue or he wouldn't have put Leonard back there returning punts afterwards.

        Like I said before, Holliday is fine returning kicks because there's not a defender near him when he's catching the ball, but punts are a different story and it has been a concern.

        Nobody is calling for the guy to be cut, but it would be a real stupid if a Peyton Manning led team was bounced from the playoffs because our punt returner was muffing punts. There's nothing wrong with calling out a concern before it's an issue when it really matters.
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          It's the risk vs. reward thing.

          While he's only lost one fumble (though these boards make it sound like he loses 1 per game), he has shown that he drops punts occasionally. In the NFL it's usually best to teach that player a lesson, in some way - whether sitting him down, working with him extensively, or cutting him all together.

          A team may be risking a costly turnover by playing him, but they will lose equally by sitting him. He offers the Broncos great field position, momentum swinging plays, and even touchdowns. Just look at how huge the James return was in the 4th quarter against the Patriots. The 49ers had lost all momentum and seemed completely gassed. One big return set up an easy touchdown, and the defense held the rest of the way.

          For a board filled with people who complain about conservative play, I'm surprised this is even a debate. Holliday presents a potential risk, but with massive upsides.


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            As long as he isn't the reason we lose in the Payoff, I can live with it (AKA SF in 2011 payoff game)
            Originally posted by broncos SB2010
            I doubt Chubb is high on their radar.


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              Punters with a lot of hang time have good coverage. If Punt Return Team doubles the bullets, two of those guys will need to peel off to set up the return; otherwise there are only six to block eight.

              Donnie Jones has punted 86 times compared with Britton Colquitt with 64. Go figure.

              Maybe Zoltan Mesko (55) gets in the thin air at Mile High and outkicks the coverage. If Holliday doesn't muff it, he's effective at getting good FP.

              Jeff Rodgers and Keith Burns are working with all their guys, including Holliday, to fix problems. It's like catching passes. Step 1 catch. Step 2 secure the ball. Step 3 run like hell. Don't be like the underpants gnomes and skip steps.
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                As riskier as Holliday sounds, i have a wierd feeling he is going to do something good in the playoffs.

                May be he is our lucky charm ( only player in NFL who hasnt lost this year ).


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                  As riskier as Holliday sounds, i have a wierd feeling he is going to do something good in the playoffs.

                  May be he is our lucky charm ( only player in NFL who hasnt lost this year ).


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                    Interesting Tidbit About Trindon Holliday


                    Trindon Holliday Is 16-0

                    By Barry Petchesky, Dec 31, 2012 12:00 PM

                    The NFL's shortest player is also it's winningest. Return specialist Trindon Holliday just completed a perfect regular season, 5-0 with Houston, 11-0 with Denver, and he joins an exclusive club featuring the rosters of the 1972 Dolphins and the 2007 Patriots. If the Broncos go all the way, Holliday will be the only player in NFL history to go 19-0 in a single season.

                    Holliday started the season as the Texans' return man, and struggled. Houston had the worst kickoff return average in the league when they waived him after Week 5. That week, the Texans had beaten the Jets to move to 5-0—and the Broncos lost to the Patriots, to fall to 2-3. Later in the week, the Broncos signed Holliday, and the rest is history. Houston would lose in Week 6, their first loss of the season, and the Broncos would win their first of 11 straight.

                    Is it because of Holliday? Not empirically, no. The Broncos finished the year 30th in the league in kickoff return average and 31st on punts, and after cutting Holliday the Texans improved their numbers significantly. But the little man just knows how to win. (Or is incredibly lucky, which is the only way a team can go undefeated anyway. Hell, Holliday didn't even play yesterday with an ankle sprain, and the Broncos still beat the Chiefs. Explain that one logically. You can't.)


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                      Lol that's crazy! O_o


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                        I remember the punter Kern went undefeated for a while after the Broncos released him and he went to the Titans.

                        It would be cool if Holliday can go 19-0 this season.
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