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Elvis Dumervil has 11 Sacks

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      Pro Bowl Jokes

      10. Elvis Dumervil Gets a Nod

      Kicking things off with a topic close to my heart. The abuse of the sack stat. Sure, Dumervil has 12 of them. Good for him… on 12 of his 480 pass rushes (2.5%) he made a play. What about the rest? He’s 14th in our 4-3 defensive end Pass Rushing Productivity rankings with his big games coming against bad tackles.

      Then there’s his run defense. It’s not great. Meanwhile, Muhammad Wilkerson is a force in that Jets defense that has to be accounted for on every down, and with far fewer playmakers around him. Even if you just want a pure pass rusher, then how about you start watching how much pressure Derrick Morgan generates?
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        That's funny that they bring up 12 of 480 pass rushes (even though he has 11 sacks) to try and discredit him and then later bring up Morgan and Wilkerson. Wilkerson has been good, but Morgan has 4.5 sacks. Sure he gets hurries but 4.5 sacks isn't very good for a DE. They also said he's 14th in their pass rush productivity rankings which includes sacks, pressures, and takedowns. Being 14th means he's an upper echelon pass rushing DE. Yeah his run defense may be suspect (and people make him sound worse than he is) but our run defense has been great this year and he's a part of it.


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          Pro Football Focus is garbage. Dumervil is constantly putting pressure on the QB, I'd guess he is among the best in such category. He has to deal with a lot of holding penalties that are not called, and many times he did not get the sack because Von MIller arrived half a second earlier. Watch the games; it's not rare to see Miller and Dumervil converging at the QB. Run defense: Miller and Dumervil have been targets; offensive coordinators have tried to attack them in the running game, yet the Broncos' run defense is one of the best in the league.

          Last weekend in Baltimore, for example, the Ravens tried the game plan all teams use: Run the ball at Dumervil and Miller. The Broncos' No. 2 ranking against the run shows how well that works.

          And when the Ravens couldn't run the ball, quarterback Joe Flacco was forced to throw well before his receivers could finish their routes. Flacco made several throws where he had to guess where his receivers would wind up. To wait was to get sacked. By Miller or Dumervil.

          "Elvis and Von have both embraced playing with the kind of technique we need them to play with to hold up against the direct run at them," Del Rio said. "You know people are going to do it. They're both guys that despite their size, they play with great leverage and technique, which allows them to play against bigger guys."


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            "Any website that discredits a guy who leads the league in strip sacks is discredited themselves."

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