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    Originally posted by Vhailor View Post
    Doesn't matter how ya got here, we're happy to have you. I became a Denver-fan because of my ex-wife.
    Thank you, and thanks to all my defenders. I cheer and scream like crazy for the Broncos, and have gotten to know most of the players names and numbers, doing my research and learning alot about the team as a whole. No matter what happens with Petyon, whether he retires or moves on, I will remain a Bronco fan even though I will always be a Peyton fan. IF the team starts losing I will just cheer all the louder for the team. Regardless, I'm here to stay. For the most part the fans are great here and know their football. I"M STAYING!!!!
    With that said.......GOOOO BRONCOS!!!
    Oh, and we may have to thank the colts coz we may end up with the #1 seed today!
    WOOT WOOT!!!!


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      Yes. Welcome to the Broncos.
      Lets get a W today.
      Gooooooo Broncos


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        Who cares what some of the people call you here. Welcome to the boards and I hope you enjoy your time here.

        p.s. To all the people with something negative to say, happy holidays to you. Remember, this is suppose to be a time of joy and thanks.
        My mom disowned me for being a Broncos fan, while she is a Packers fan.


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          Don't worry about what people call ya. When we signed Manning I knew we would get some new posters following him. The only difference between Tebow Fans and Manning Fans is that the Manning fans recognize that this is a team sport and no matter how good Peyton is, he has to have the complete package to win it all. Denver fans found out a long time ago when Elway would carry teams to the big game only to fall short until we put a complete team around him. Enjoy your time here. When Peyton retires, we all know he will sign one of those one day contracts and retire a Colt, not because he doesn't love the Broncos, but because the Colts is where he played most of his career. Happens all the time. Difference is that while players like Montana, Unitas, etc get their last teams forgotten, people remember Peyton as both a Colt and a Bronco

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