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Pats Fan: 2012 Broncos are the lightest challenged 13-3 team ever.

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    Originally posted by broncsfan219 View Post
    Personally I'm rooting for baltimore and cincy this weekend I know cincy would be a tough matchup but I want the pats to have to face a healthy baltimore team so even if the pats win they would be beat up. Let lewis, suggs, ngata and company put them thru a very physically challenged game before they come to Denver.
    Yeah, they have Bernard Pollard too, who has been known to take out a guy or two for the Pats in critical games.


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      I can't really argue it but those 3 losses were early in the year, and we were w/o DJ and Kuper.

      Carter wasn't in our defense much, among other things.

      Brady has pretty much shredded our defense the last 3 games but two of those games were in Foxboro. We will see if a rematch occurs.


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        I'm gonna ask that if you guys want to sign up over there and post, do so as you'd want them to post over here. I've never understood why you'd want to represent your team so poorly and look like an ass by doing nothing but causing trouble.

        All that does is leave the impression that Broncos fans are stupid and classless, which is not what I want, at least.



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          Pats fans need to worry about their first opponent before worrying about the Broncos. Their schedule isn't exactly a gauntlet either playing teams in their division like Miami, Buffalo, Jacksonville, and New York.

          The Broncos team right now is a completely different team than the team sitting at 2-3 in the beginning of October & any threat will have to come to OUR HOUSE and that place will be ROCKING. Good luck with that.



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            I can see their argument, and it'd make sense if we were squeaking out wins, but I've honestly been bored these last 9-10 games. No game has even been close.


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              The Patriots are 2-12 in Denver in the past 30 years.


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                They act like they are already locked into the Championship game and coming to Denver ....

                Boy oh Boy how I hope they get beat next weekend, not for our sake but just because I hate that team/city so much that it would be super swell to see them shut up in the first game they play.

                I am just glad that our team has that home field advantage and will be able to use our fans to their advantage during these games!!

                GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!


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                  I'm much more comfortable playing them here than there.

                  I know, obvious statement is obvious...


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                    Pats fans are delusional. Obviously they hate Manning and talked like that when Peyton was a Colt. They keep bringing up Peyton's playoff record...he sure the hell couldn't play defense. When he did have a good team around him he did win the Superbowl so they can just shove it.

                    Its okay though only time will tell and also..I hate Bradys crying ass too.


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                      Nothing less than a direct victory over the visiting Pats is going to shut the obnoxious pie holes of the obviously IGNORANT, fact-deficient and trash-talking NE fanbase, so I do hope they come to Denver next month! I'm confident that our defense will be ready this time! We were the first team to hand Brady a loss in the post-season in '06 and we can do it again! Bring it on!

                      And please, Bills, Jets, and Dolphins: rebuild well this off-season and help put these guys and their arrogant fans back in the division basement where they belong! Their final fall to humility is looong overdue and can't happen soon enough!
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                        That's funny cuz their schedule was easier than ours...

                        Can we just plz save this so when we beat the brakes off 'em we can post this on their wall??

                        Really, I usually am very respectful towards other fans but the ignorance of this person and some of their other fans deserve a rude slapping


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                          I would be more concerned if we were winning these games by one score, or even losing then.

                          But we haven't been, we have had the majority of these games well in hand by the end of the third (even earlier for some).

                          Can only play who's on your schedule, and I think we have demonstrated we can play with anyone, even in losses
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                            It is obvious that the Pats fans fear us. That rant is just a way to lower their fear, if they did not fear us then they would not feel the need to say anything. As long as were in their heads, we own them!


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                              Another thing I forgot to mention is the only teams that beat us this season are 1st, 2nd and 3rd seed in the playoffs this year. They can not make that claim as they lost to a 5-11 team. The Pats loses came against 2nd, 4th, 5th seed teams and a bottom of division 5-11 Cardinals. Denver has also won 11 straight by 7 or more points, NE has never done that!


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                                Not that it matters, but I hope Brady and Bilicheck feel the same way, though I'm sure they don't... But I don't really care what their fans think, they root for the patsy's, what do they know?
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