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Happy New Year Bronco Fans - What is Your Favorite Play of the Year

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  • Happy New Year Bronco Fans - What is Your Favorite Play of the Year

    It's been an incredible year. I thought it might be fun to post your favorite play or milestone of the year. Mine was the scoop and score during the San Diego game that set us on this course and put the dagger in the hearts of San Diego.

    Happy New Year
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    I have a lot of favourite plays but my real number 1 is the screen pass to DT who took to the house against Pittsburgh. Just set the tone really.
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      Any of Von Miller's sacks (especially the Cam Newton one). But I thought Knowshon Moreno's hurdle of Hall-of-Fame FS Ed Reed was pretty incredible.
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        Yep, Moreno turning into a literal Bronco over Reed, was awesome. Also the pittsburgh game, the sack after sack after sack in the end of that game was fun.

        Highlight for me though was winning the saints game. One of my closest friends is a huge saints fan and our teams never get to play. That was my superbowl
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          Manning jumping over defender against Chargers


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            The day Peyton picked Denver....

            (Or should I say he fell into our lap) Stupid trolls!!

            Happy New Years Broncos country.
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              So many. Three candidates:

              O Mitch Unrein's TD

              D Chris Harris' pick six at Baltimore

              ST Trindon Holliday's 105 yard KOR
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                My favorite offensive play was the screen pass to DT against the Steelers - like someone said it really set the tone. My favorite defensive play was Chris Harris' pick six against the Ravens. Both of those plays really had me going the most I think haha.
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                  One play is tough to pick but I'd have to go with Harris' pick six against the Chargers that sealed the comeback and propelled this team on this winning streak.


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                    Technically the overtime touchdown to DT against the steelers last year was part of this past year. Ive never been happier as a bronco fan than that touchdown. (I started following in 2000, right after the super bowls -_-)


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                      A play that really sticks out to me is Porter's Pick Six against the Steelers. This sealed the game and got us off to a good start to this season. I was at that game and everybody carrying a "Terrible Towel" hit the exits after that play.


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                        I think maybe the play i loved most was the Stokley touchdown catch against the chargers on MNF. It was super important in the game, retook the lead and we have not looked back since. That was the first moment that really showed me what this team can do. That one sent shivers down my spine.


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                          For me the best offensive play of the year was Tebow to Thomas in the briefest OT in NFL history for the win over the Steelers.

                          Best defensive play was the scoop and score against the Chargers (but Chris Harris's pick-six against the Ravens is a close second).

                          For this season the best offensive play is so hard to choose, but I will go with Manning to Stokely in San Diego for the lead. It was a beyond perfect pass and catch.



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                            Originally posted by martz11 View Post
                            One play is tough to pick but I'd have to go with Harris' pick six against the Chargers that sealed the comeback and propelled this team on this winning streak.
                            It's hard to pick (and that's the prefect segway here) one play, but I agree with your selection. That game changed our future. I am convinced it will be remembered for years to come, given what it did for our fortunes. A loss would have put us at 2 and 4, going into a bye, which may have been very difficult to comeback from. Not saying we wouldn't have turned it around the way we did, but something tells me it would have very tough. We certainly would not be any more than 3rd very best. I am not sure if we make the playoffs, given how shocking it was for SD to lose the way they did.

                            But that game had so many important aspects to it, and even some weirdness. Who'll ever forget Decker tripping over the invisible player? That mishap alone nearly cost us the game!

                            But the goooooooood definitely made me take note of two "Undrafted" CBacks - Harris and Carter. Carter had an interception and a very important 65 yard TD fumble recovery! And Harris had two pics, and for me, the most memorable play......returning one for a TD with just over 2 minutes to go, which sealed the amazing comeback victory. I still remember how excited I was when he picked it off. The game was ours, and we were back into the playoff race again.
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                              My favorite play was easily Decker tripping on his own feet when he had a TD for sure. haha.