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BLAME ___________ for the loss thread. Lets have it all in one spot.

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  • I totally agree with you broncoslover115


    • In the superbowl, was the Flacco td at the end of the first half the exact same play as the one near the end of regulation in the Denver game?
      Suck is NOT a bronco fan.


      • Originally posted by wesuckrealbad View Post
        In the superbowl, was the Flacco td at the end of the first half the exact same play as the one near the end of regulation in the Denver game?
        Not really. It was more down the middle of the field and his WR (Jones?) fell down then got back up and ran it in. The DB just got beat. SF D still messed up letting Jones get behind them but their safety didn't complete screw up like ours.


        • Originally posted by Fawn Lebowitz View Post
          Blame whoever hired Jack Del Taco. His defense was the reason your Broncos lost.
          His D was also what got us there...As was foxes playcalling.


          • I've waited until now to weigh in on this thread. If I had posted in any of the previous threads I would have been too ticked off to be make a valid or constructive response.

            I honestly don't think we can blame the loss on any one particular play. Moore is the most obvious target because the one play that he completely blew was so pivotal and came at a time when we all but had the game won. I've had to remind myself though, if Prater makes that field goal attempt, if Peyton doesn't throw a pic, if The refs had actually called pass interference when Decker was clearly hooked as he attempted to make the catch that led to an many ifs come into play that you just can't blame one person completely.

            I've said all along that I'm not a fan of the conservative "foxball" that John Fox has brought to the Broncos. I thought he was too conservative last year with Tebow, and there have been numerous instances this year that I've seriously questioned the play calling. I realize that none of us know who calls the plays on any given play. Was it McCoy, Manning, Fox....?.....who knows. I DO know that the entire team, including the offensive coordinator and our QB understand our HC's conservative nature, and I'm sure they've all been given instructions for the entire season in how to handle situations to best please their HC.

            The kneel down by Manning?....with 30 seconds and 2 time outs in our pockets?....made me want to vomit....BUT....none of us knows what the result would have been if we had done otherwise. We can speculate, second guess, and theorize, but theres no ironclad way to know what "would" have happened.

            I could touch on other players such as Champ, the lack of pass rush, poor play from our offensive line at times in the run game, and but in all honesty? It was a team loss added to by what "I" believe was poor decision making by the coaching staff. That is just my opinion though, and I can't in reality back it up because I wasn't on the sidelines, in the locker rooms, practices fields, or in any way involved to where I might have valid information to back up my opinion.

            Having said all this? I still give credit where it's due. John Fox and John Elway have turned this team around and made it a viable contender in the AFC. That's a HUGE improvement over the previous regime, and even an improvement over any Shanahan team fielded at mile high since 05. They have brought in the players, structured the salaries, and taken the steps they needed to in order for us to be legitimate. Whether you like Foxball or not, you HAVE to admit that we are light years ahead of where we were 3 years ago.

            To sum it up?....Yeah, there's a lot of blame to share with the entire team. I just hope they internalize it and use it as fuel like our Broncos did when the Jagwads (remember that term?) came to town and destroyed our play-off hopes years ago. Hopefully our new OC will be given a little more freedom to expand the offense and make it more explosive. Hopefully Fox and Elway will find the players in this years draft that may not seem sexy, but are valuable components added to our team. Hopefully we won't lose any "key" free agents and will add upgrades over the ones we do lose. The thing I hope the most though? Is that this entire team has a fire in it's belly, and comes in this year working harder, being more focused, and having a determination and a grit about them that will see them smiling and laughing as the confetti falls on THEM in 2014. Go Broncos!!!