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Will Robert Ayers step up this year?

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    Originally posted by thenewera44 View Post
    When you say Ayers is stronger than Dumervil, you mean he is not stronger right?

    The last I saw (you may know better) but Ayers repped 225 19 times at the combine.

    Dumervil repped 225 32 times at the combine.

    Dumervil's was very strong and he stunted into the middle often on pass rushes.

    His problem was height. He is 5 foot 11. He would get engulfed on running plays by these 6 foot 5 to 6 foot 7 OTs.

    That is why he has been a detriment against the run.
    Strength isn't about how much you bench there's way way way more involved in it then just that. Just cause you bench a lot doesn't mean your strong, we don't see the players working out in the weight room but I do remember hearing players say ayers was one of the strongest players on the team
    A healthy Kenneth Dixon is a top 5 NFL RB.


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      Originally posted by nickmeyer View Post
      10 1/2 sacks is my prediction He is better than you guys give him credit for.
      I think he could get there. All the previous years his position has been strong side DE so his number one priority has been contain first then rush the passer so now he will get to pin his ears back and bull after some QBs. I'm excited, this may be exactly what our defense needs to get to the next level
      A healthy Kenneth Dixon is a top 5 NFL RB.


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        His production may go slightly up but I think if we are hoping for him to replace dooms productivity we should start hoping Peyton gets younger. He would have shown the ability and flashes throughout his career to be that kind of player and I just haven't seen it. That being said, he will definitely pressure the passer. Many times last year he was a step behind either Doom or Von causing the QB to become flustered. Another poster said it already but I think five sacks would be a good year for Ayers. Pair that with another situational pass rusher and Doom's departure shouldn't be that bad.


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          Ayers has gotten better every year. I love him playing the run too.

          Hooray, beer!